Fall Caramel Hues


I don’t think it’s any secret that caramel is my favorite flavor by far. I’ve shared with you guys before that it’s my go to and recently mentioned I’ve made the switch with my caramel macchiato from iced to hot. (not quite sure how I feel about that just yet though!) I tend to be a salty over sweets gal – put a bowl of chocolate in front of me and I won’t touch it, but that popcorn? All. Day. You got me!

When Werther’s Original asked if I’d be interested in partnering to share some fall favorites inspired by caramel I instantly jumped on the opportunity. For a gal who literally doesn’t like candy aside from anything with caramel or nuts in it, it was like they read my blog or something. 😉 I mean, they sent me 5 bags of all different caramels – for that alone, I can’t complain! I also took their caramel personality quiz and was hardly surprised to find that my result was the ‘caramel popcorn’. Pretty on point!

I got a little creative with the Werther’s this week too.. rather than running out to buy caramel macchiato’s everyday, I melted one of their soft caramels and poured it into my morning cup of coffee. Seriously delish. The caramels added a rich, creamy flavor I don’t even want to know how much money and calories that’s going to save me! If you’re not up for melting into a hot drink, try one of their apple filled hard candies! I’m also obsessed with the Caramel Pumpkin Swirl candle from Bath and Body Works. I’m a huge pumpkin flavored fan (caramel, duh!) but this swirl candle is the perfect mix of both and smells sooo yummy burning in the evening!


Creating a fall wardrobe inspired by caramel colored hues is such an easy task. That camel tone is a fall staple and this season my closet is built heavily around it. I just ordered this sweater, this oversized sweater, and this turtleneck sweater – and already have this one and this one in neutral, caramel inspired tones.

For accessories in the fall, I tend to stick to the same caramel hues – from booties, to bags (my current favorite crossbody), and even floppy hats. They’re classic and can be worn with nearly anything – even black, as seen in yesterday’s post.  If you’re a blonde like me, caramel, camel, or tan colored pieces compliment your features so well!


So tell me. What’s your caramel personality – are you a sweets girl or do you like to go against the grain like me and get a little salty? Are you loving the color for fall too?

Today’s post was created in partnership with Werther’s Original.


  1. 9.22.16

    Love love love this post!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  2. Erin said:

    Just picked up that first sweater from A&F yesterday. It is so comfy!!! And I can never stop smelling my clothes the first time I wear them from that store. 🙂


    • 9.26.16

      Yes sooo comfy! I’m the same way with their stuff – it’s addicting! ha

  3. Anna White said:

    What a great post! Love caramel as well! XO –

    Anna | http://www.parkavenueblogger.com



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