Closet Organization

The start of a new year always calls for a refresh in organization! Here are some of the products I love to use to organize my closet, along with one…

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My Daily Jewelry

I always get a ton of questions in my DMs about the jewelry I wear everyday. I don’t switch out my pieces often, and I love the ease of jewelry…

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My Naples Home | Part 2

Ready for the second part of my Naples home?! I love both of the bedrooms with their cozy, neutral vibes! I have my roomand my guest room – and I…

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Been wearing these blue light blocking glasses nonstop while working/on my computer. They help reduce headaches and any damage from screen time!


Cozy Amazon Shoe Finds

Some of the most popular cozy winter styles are the Ugg boots and slippers, and I’ve found look-a-likes on Amazon. I have both of these below, and they are so…

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Sunglasses | My Top Picks

I’m very picky about my sunglasses styles, and I love all of these below! For the Summer to Winter, Amazon to Nordstrom – here’s my roundup of my favorites. Shop…

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