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I’m Marissa, the founder and editor of Style Cusp – a fashionable lifestyle site where all of my favorite things come together. Here you’ll find my personal style and shopping finds, journey with essential oils and healthy living, documents of my travels, and more. I am a born and raised east coast lady who’s the eldest of 7 girls – yep, you heard that right! I love to be home cozy on my couch but can’t wait for my next travel adventure. You can usually find me drinking some tea, filling up my diffusers with oils, or wearing a neutral cardigan. I am a total foodie, crave the sun and sand, and love time spent with my loved ones the most. My family and faith are most important to me and I currently reside in Connecticut.

About Style Cusp

I started Style Cusp in February 2010 on a snowy night in college as a creative outlet to share my thoughts and hobbies. Now here I am over ten years later, managing Style Cusp full time – still sharing my thoughts and hobbies – while working with some of my favorite brands and traveling the world! I feel so incredibly blessed to wake up and do something I’m passionate about each and every day. Blogging is by no means an easy job – so much goes on behind the scenes to keep this space going, but I’m grateful to have a ‘workspace’ that allows me creativity and flexibility. The Style Cusp brand is growing and I cannot wait to take you all along on the journey with me!

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Current Adventures

  • I’m currently a Diamond with Young Living Essential Oils. I’m passionate about living a clean + healthy lifestyle & helping others do the same (you can read more about that journey here). Oils have changed my sleep patterns, helped relieve stress and anxiety, helped balance my hormones and so much more! I would love to help you too! You can follow along with my oils journey at @cuspessentials and join my team with your very own kit here. (be sure to select ‘member’)
  • I recently just spend a few months in Naples, Florida – and fell completely in love. I decided I couldn’t live without it in my life so made the decision to split my time between CT and FL!

Quote me on it:

Be Fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

All the answers.

  • Blogging Questions +

    Q: Who takes your photos?

    A: My sister Jessica took about 95% of the photos that appear on Style Cusp up until September 2017 – she moved to Florida for college! I now work with local CT photographer Melanie Ruth Photography.

    Q: I want to learn more about using essential oils. Where do I start?

    A: Read this post first about how I got started with oils. Then take a look at my oily instagram to see my daily life with oils. Next, if you’re ready to get your own journey started, join my team here! I’d love to help you get started and will plug you into all the resources our team has, including a private group + access to our live videos and classes I do!

  • Sponsorship Questions +

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  • Questions about Marissa +

    Q: How long have you been blogging?

    A: I started my blog in February 2010.

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