Our Family Christmas Traditions

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season are the traditions we have as a family. It seems every year we say ‘oh we should try something different!” but fall back to those things that give us the nostalgic + warm feelings.. the things that make the holidays ‘the holidays’.

For everyone, these are different. I love seeing/hearing different traditions that different people have.. and so do you guys! This was a requested post by quite a few of you when I put out the poll for holiday content – so I’m happy to share some of the ones that we have!

Christmas Traditions

Matching Christmas Pajamas – we actually started this 4 few years ago and have loved doing it every year as a family. I shared a little bit more about it in my Christmas pajama post.

Gingerbread Houses – we pick one day every holiday season and all get together to make gingerbread houses! It’s so much to all sit around the table with Christmas music on in the background and see how all of our creativity comes to life. Each of the houses always look so different – which I love, because it shows how different each of us are!

Pickle on the tree – this is something my mom started YEARS ago when we were younger and it’s honestly just stuck! She hides a pickle ornament on the tree late Christmas Eve + the first one to find it Christmas morning gets to open a gift first.

Christmas Eve Minute to Win It Games – our family LOVES playing games so our Christmas Eve night is filled with playing fun games everyone is involved in. We have SO much fun doing this + usually end up dying laughing around the table with everyone (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) Farkle and left/right/center are also favorites to play!

Holiday Meals – ok, so I know every family does things differently.. We usually have a big dinner (ham, roasted potatoes, italian dishes, veggies, the works) on Christmas Eve + get all dressed up. Christmas Day we have a big brunch mid morning, and keep it casual/lounging all day in our Christmas pajamas. I honestly LOVE this! My mom always says she wants to switch up the menu, but we don’t let her.. ha!

Gift Giving – well no kidding.. every does gift giving right? But everyone does it differently! Our family is huge (7 siblings just in my immediate family alone) but we still all love to gift each other individual gifts.. someday once we’re all married with kids, I’m sure that will change but right now we love getting each other special gifts or things on our wish lists. Christmas morning we all sit in our family room + each person takes turns giving their gifts out to everyone. We love doing it this way so it’s not chaotic and you get to see everyone open each of their gifts/their reactions/etc.

Cocoa at Cusp’s – I started this a few years ago when I moved into my apartment and it’s just stuck! I love love hosting family or friends + this is just something little I do every year for my sisters, cousins, and some close friends. We get together and have apps, hot cocoa, watch Christmas movies, etc.. just a cozy, casual night enjoying each other’s company. Really looking forward to doing it this year in the new house with some of my closest friends!

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  1. Maureen said:

    We don’t have a tradition…yet and I hope we make one. I was thinking of the gingerbread house but it’s Christmas Eve today and I still haven’t bought the kit. I love the idea of pickle on the tree. That’s unique and very cute! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com



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