Best of 2019 Christmas Pajamas

Confession: we bought ours two weeks ago.

My sisters and I always get matching pajamas every year that we wear to bed on Christmas Eve + pretty much all of Christmas Day (that’s a casual day for us!).. and usually it’s a scramble come the second week of December to find something we all love that still has sizes in stock and we can get by Christmas.

But nottttt this year! Emily spotted these at Target two weeks ago and basically bought out the whole store – they finally just went online a few days ago! I’m super excited for these because I wasn’t a huge fan of last year’s selection… haha

I’m rounding up some of the best christmas pj’s from around the web, including ones that have men’s + kids options available should you want to get your boyfriends/husbands/nieces/nephews/kids/heck the whole family in on the fun! I’m not one for matchy matchy things, but I love this little tradition we have.

My favorite spots for Christmas pajamas are Old Navy (good for the whole family), Target, and Nordstrom (they make some really cute sets!). Amazon has a great selection for the whole family, kiddos, and ladies! I also love Aerie and Abercrombie for festive loungewear, but I’ll share some round ups on that in another post!

Here are my picks:


the best for matching sets + getting the WHOLE family to match! I always think of the ON pajamas as super festive + ‘in your face’ type christmas vibes.. ha!


Also, these faux fur slippers are everythingggg + always a hot commodity when I post mine! They’re on sale for $12 right now.


This is where we got our family pajamas this year! My sisters, mom, and I all got this holly printed thermal pair of pajamas which I absolutely LOVE. The set is just $24.99!!


I’m OBSESSED with the selects of Burts Bees baby/kids sets on Amazon – omg, literally want to fill up a cart full for my *someday* kiddos! If you had nieces, nephews to buy things for.. these would be so adorable!


Nord has some really cute thermal printed sets + of course their barefoot dreams cardigan, which I consider 100% necessary festive material! I always have a big cozy cardigan on pretty much all day on Christmas + the Barefoot Dreams one is a must have.

These are a big more of a splurge, compared to the Old Navy or even Target ones but still worth the share!


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