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This time of year is my least favorite for lots of reasons, but one being that my skin is always affected. It tends to get really temperamental as the temperates drop and I have to be careful with the products so it doesn’t get too dry, break out, etc. Even since I can remember and thanks to her longtime facialist, my mom has used a product line called Yon-ka Paris, and she has the most beautiful skin. She just hit the big 5-0, but is constantly told she looks at least 15 years younger than that (true statement, not exaggerating) and always attributes it to taking care of her skin faithfully using Yon-ka for so long. When I was a teen, she started me on the line, using products relevant to my skin needs at the time. Fast forward to now, and Yon-ka still fills much of my beauty cabinet. I’ve used and tried plenty of other lines, but this one (along with Skinceuticals) is my steady go to.

Yon-ka Paris products are all derived from over 130 plant and fruit extracts as well as essential oils and marine ingredients. You’ll find that each has an aroma-therapeutic smell, my favorite being the sweet lavender. I love putting the products on before heading to sleep because they instantly relax me and make me feel like I’ve just come from the spa. I have to refrain from using the facial products on my entire body (though they do have body products which I have yet to ever try!). Since I love the line so much I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites for you.


EMULSION PURE – I have used this product since I was 14 years old. It cures any problem skin area from sunburns to acne. It contains lavender oil that helps to reduce bacteria, perfect for combatting breakouts that you need to get rid of fast while not drying out the skin like many OTC products containing acids.

CREME 15 – I have also used this products since I was 14 when I had issues with my skin. This miracle cream tones and tightens the skin, brightens the skin, and provides anti-inflammatory help thanks to the lavender, sage, and yarrow oils in it. I still use it several times a week even if my skin is clear because I love the results.

PHYTO 54 – I just started using this product over the summer, and wanted to try it for those days after I was in the sun. It really makes my skin feel fresh after using and absorbs quickly, so you can easily put on makeup afterwards if need be without having to wait forever for your moisturizer to soak in. If you have naturally flushed or reddish tinted skin, I highly recommend this product.


GOMMAGE 303 – One of my moms favorite Yon-ka products are the Gommages which are exfoliators designed to revive the skin. These aren’t your typical exfoliators though, that scratch or irritate the skin. It’s a light, cool lotion that you apply, let dry, and gently brush off, removing dead skin cells and creating a smooth texture. It also contains lemon extract and orange oils.

CLEANSING GEL – This essential isn’t pictured above, but it is one of my favorites. The Yon-ka cleansing gel is incredible, removing makeup entirely yet still light and not heavy on the skin. It contains vitamin A which is crucial for keeping a younger looking complexion (hello, mom!)


CELLULAR CODE – This product is for women who are older to balance their skin, soften wrinkes, etc. I tried it a few times this past summer and it is consistent with the rest of the Yon-ka products as far as smell, texture, etc. It’s their newest product too!


CREME PG – This product is technically an age defense product but it’s perfect for those of us who have oily skin. It contains burdock root extract that heals and prevent blemishes. It also contains citric acid for skin brightening and of course the lavender for soothing. I have used this product for nearly as long as the Creme 15 and Emulsion Pure.

CREME TIENTEE – This is another product I just tested out this summer. It has a light tint to it which is perfect when you have that summer glow and just want to even your skin tone out a tad. It contains vitamins A, E, and C as well as rosemary, cyprus, and thyme oils – all which work together to provide antioxidant protection and moisture to your skin all day long. I’d pick this stuff over a tinted moisturizer any day!

Yonka Paris

I cannot recommend the Yon-ka Paris products enough. They have so many more than what I covered here – take a thorough look through their site to see what is best for your skin type.  You can also search to see if a spa, facialist, or aesthetician near you uses the Yon-ka products. I highly suggest getting a facial with these products. The 60 minute time you spend will change your life – and your skin!


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  1. Mom said:

    Very well put, my dear daughter!! It’s a product I have loved using for twenty years now and love, love, love it and would happily recommend it to anybody!! A true testimony of how wonderful the results have been with my skin. Yay for Yonka!!! And thank u for the compliment.s.



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