Wrapping it up – Christmas Style.

This was my Christmas Eve dress, accompanied by my handsome beau. 🙂 I completely adore this dress, which was a super steal on Black Friday! ($50 instead of the original $130.) The ruffled detailing on the sleeves and sides were perfect for some holiday girly glam. What did you wear?

Dress: Madewell
Tights: AEO
Shoes: F21
Necklace: gifted from Swarovski
Nails: Chanel Steel
And my boyfriend is looking oh so stylish himself, isn’t he? He’s wearing a Hugo Boss suit, Polo button down, and J. Crew tie. I think he deserves an award for this. 🙂
Here are some other photos from the night. My sisters were completely donned in gorgeous festive and fashionable pieces, I just had to include them in this! Take a peak for yourself, and tell me what you think 🙂

Emily of Joie de Vivre borrowed one of my H&M pieces, paired with a sequined-bow headband & sparkled tights! (not shown)
These pictures don’t even begin to do each of their adorable outfits justice. Let’s just say that sequins bows, sparkled tights, tulle skirts, ruffled dresses, and lace characterized our Christmas Eve. Oh, and the youngest little munchkin is not pictured- she was a sicky 🙁
Christmas morning was wonderful- we opened gifts at our house. I got some wonderful things from my family & boyfriend. 
Emily  got me Lauren Conrad’s Style book, which I have been wanting! Lauren has such chic but simple style, and this is why I love her. I haven’t read the entire book yet, but so far it is filled with simple but necessary things for outfits, closets, outings..you name it! It’s the perfect book to grab when you’re in desperate need of some inspiration for that moment when its 5 minutes before you have to run out the door and you’re still standing there naked. And we all know that’s us, at some point or another.

Sadly, I don’t have an actual picture of this. LJ, my boyfriend, got me the LV Monogram Canvas Speedy 30 which I also have been wanting. I picked this out a few months ago and have been wondering when I would get it, and he surprised me for Christmas. Every single bag in all of the Louis Vuitton Stores and online is sold out- can you believe that? So, the bag is back ordered until the end of January. Since he didn’t have the bag for me Christmas morning, he printed off the picture of it and beautifully wrapped it all by himself (YES!) along with a precious little note. I couldn’t be happier! 🙂 He also gave me a bottle of Chanel nail polish in Steel on Christmas Eve morning, which I am wearing in the pictures above!

Among the other things I was given were candles, some body lotion which I LOVE, a fair isle sweater (be watching for!), a beautiful black trench from my mom, and some little things from the little sisters.

It has been a snowy few days up here in Connecticut, but I am happy to have a White Christmastime– it wasn’t a White Christmas though! Tomorrow is my birthday, which I am SO excited for! Stay tuned for details on that, coming soooon!

How was everyone’s Christmas? I hope you all enjoyed the few days with family & friends. I know I was so blessed, and I am sure each and every one of you were as well. & please hang in there with me! I’ll be replying to emails and comments as soon as this busyness ends 🙂



  1. 12.28.10

    What an awesome gift from your man! It is such a timeless bag. I also love that dress.

  2. Katelyn said:

    You look so pretty! You have so many sisters who are all equally as pretty! What a fun Christmas!

  3. Influence said:

    Aww your dress is stunning and it looks like you had such a lovely Christmas xx

  4. 12.29.10

    Your boy definitely deserves two awards, one for being dapper 🙂 and another for buying possibly the greatest gift ever! Seriously so sweet!

    And you and your sisters are so gorgeous! Of course I’m also loving your dress- well who doesn’t love a great party dress with gorgeous ruffles? Yeah, that’s right. . . no one 🙂

    I’m glad to see you had a lovely Christmas and I can’t wait to see you bag in real life, well real life through a computer screen!

    hearts and hugs,

  5. Marissa said:

    Oh my goodness! Are those ALL your sisters? What a beautiful bunch of girls! I’m an only child, so I’m incredibly envious. 🙂

  6. Tiffany said:

    Y’all are so cute together and such great fashion sense! =) I love the bag….still waiting on mine…::sigh::

  7. 12.29.10

    So lovely. x hivennn.

  8. stylishyear said:

    That dress is to die for!

  9. 12.29.10

    you have such a stylish and pretty family.

  10. Marella said:

    Amazing outfit! <3

  11. 12.29.10

    What a great gift from your bf! He has really good taste!! Those are like one of those jackpot presents that are the highlight of the holiday. You make such a cute couple, and I love the pictures you shared where you’re both posed in front of the tree. So nice!!

    I love the dress your wearing as well! The pattern is gorgeous, and the colors are so classic.

    So glad you’re following! 😀 I’m one of your followers, too!! ^_^ xoxo

    Claudia from Molto ❤ Fashion

  12. kendallcrow said:

    this is so sweet! it looks like you had a wonderful christmas 🙂 that dress is majorly awesome, and the photos of you and your bf are adorable, you two look so happy! Happy new year!

  13. Jenni said:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, and MORE GORGEOUS!!! What a beautiful family you have Marissa!!

    Glad you had such a nice Christmas!! 🙂 Hugs!!

  14. Jenna said:

    Girl, I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas!! Ahhh!!! And you look gorgeous, love. And you and your bf…adorable. Love. Have a fab NYE, doll. See you in 2011. 🙂


    My friend also got me LC’s book! We’ll have to talk and tell each other which parts we liked…XO.

  15. 1.2.11

    Happy New Year Marissa!!!! YOu are looking super fab and your bf really did an awesome job!! My hubs favorite suit is Hugo Boss! He is obsessed!
    I am loving the dress! AND you are going to love your new speedy!!! I have one too! Too bad you have to wait until end of Jan but it will most def be worth the wait!!!


  16. 1.2.11

    Awesome gift!!!
    Lovely photos and amazinggg tights!
    Happy new year dear! Hope you enjoyed your holiday season!


  17. Emily said:

    Good job bargin hunting on the dress im impressed! Um excuseeee?! I guess you wont be needing that foui anymore haha Im dyingggg you got it! Cant wait till my LC Style book arrives! xoxo

  18. 1.5.11

    What a beautiful family! You and your bf are adorable!

  19. Love the sparkly tights! I got the LC book too, too funny!


  20. Meghan Rae said:

    OMG…I am dying over that LOUIS!!!!!!!!

    Your pics look fabulous! Looks like you had a great Christmas and Birthday!

    Meghan Rae

  21. 1.6.11

    You and the bf look oh so stylish in your chic attire. I just adore your dress! And lucky you for getting such amazing gifts!! Hope you enjoyed the holidays, darlin, and happy new year! 🙂 Hugs, Camille @ Paris in Pink



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