Weekend Reading // Vol. 3

If you’re somewhere on the East Coast – then you’re sloshing around in lots of water just like me. It’s rained nearly everyday for the past week – and not just little drizzles. It’s always so hard to get out of bed on rainy days, or move much from the couch and my trusty cup of tea. 
Rainy weekends are always the perfect time to curl up on the couch with cozy blankets, a few dreamy pillows, and some comfort snacks and food. This weekend, I’m staying in + have a girlfriend coming over to work on some planning and DIY projects for an upcoming blog project I’m doing (more on that to come..stay tuned!) We plan on just ordering takeout and enjoying each other’s company while being inspired. It’s also my last weekend “free” as I’m attempting to return back to work next week after being injured. Cross your fingers for some good luck + safety for me!
+ My girlfriend Caitlin has been killing it lately with her Glitter Guide shoots. She styled + threw an amazing little party with Target for Glitter Guide. If you didn’t already see it, you must check it out! (p.s. GG turned two this week + they’re having a giveaway with J.Crew!)
+ I was so encouraged + excited to see a fellow blogger, Brighton, launch #bestillbebright – a social media movement to encourage eachother and commit to daily devotions and prayer. I love finding fellow Christian bloggers to unite with and support!
+ C.Wonder is offering an additional 25% off all bags, shoes, and apparel for the weekend! I really love this ikat tote and this striped dress — and side note, even though it’s not included in the sale, they have some super fun home decor things.
+ It’s not secret that I love pinterest. I probably waste way too much time on there, but I admittedly don’t really care all that much. I recently added a few new categories with some entertaining boards and am always pinning my current favorite pieces onto my ‘shopping list‘ board. Leave your pinterest name in the comments – I’m always looking for new pinners to follow 🙂
+ I kinda want this smock dress to wear for the 4th – and maybe this scarf to go along with it. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone! Thanks for reading + supporting Style Cusp. xo


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