Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Valentine’s day, because there’s so much hype around it – whether you have a significant other or don’t, what they do or don’t do for/with you, if you have plans, etc etc.

But over the past few years, I’ve come to realize that love doesn’t need one day to be recognized – it should be recognized every day, in the littlest ways because ultimately that’s what matters. Not the big displays, dinner, presents, flowers, and balloons – those are all well and good (and yes guys, if you’re reading this, us ladies love all of that!) but the day to day little things mean more in the big picture and are where real love is shown.

BUT – it’s still fun to have an excuse to go over the top, whether it’s in gifts, dinner, or even dressing up.. am I right?!

So whether you have grand plans our with your SO, are having your first single Vday in awhile, or spending it with girlfriends – the day can still be fun! If you’re single, plan something with your girlfriends. Have everyone dress up and come over for a wine night. Make pasta and indulge in a little extra cheese on top. Surround yourself with people who you love and build you up – and have a flirty dress on while you’re at it!

I originally scooped up this dress right around Christmas, but I ended up wearing some other things + I figured it would be the perfect little number for Valentine’s day! I love the wrap detail and guess whatttt ladies – it has a snap on the inside so that wrap dress isn’t going to fly open when you’re reaching across the table for another piece of bread.. ha! And last? It’s only $25 – can you even?!

I’ve had such good luck at Walmart the last few months, scooping up great on trend finds for such a good price – like this black faux fur vest a few weeks back! I also just got this henley this week that’s so great for layering and have worn it twice this week already!

This wrap dress comes in a few different versions, so I’m going to share them below, along with a few other great options for Valentine’s Day! With Walmart’s ‘next day eligible’ shipping on tons of items, you’ll get this with plenty of time before the big day!

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring today’s post.

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