Washington, Connecticut

Grace Mayflower Getaway

A few weeks back, my good friend + fellow blogger Haley came up to Connecticut for a little escape. I spent some time with her in London last fall, we were in her home state of Florida back in January, and this time she came to my home here in CT. I’ve admittedly never done a ‘staycation’ in my home state, and Haley has never been here – so it was something new for the two of us! I found the Grace Mayflower, tucked away in a historic and quaint Connecticut town about 50 minutes from where I live. I thought it would be perfect for a little getaway but didn’t realize how much of a treat we were in for!

If you’re from New England, then you know how easy it is to get around and travel from state to state. I can get to northern VT within 4 hours, Boston within 2, NYC within 2.5, and my beloved little beach town here in CT within a half hour. It really is the ideal location to live and have access to a city, the mountains, or the beach in such a short amount of travel time. It also always amazes me that even I travel just a quick 30 minutes, I feel like I’m in a totally different place. And such was the case with the Grace Mayflower – I felt like I was world’s away from home!

We pulled up to the Mayflower and I knew instantly it was the perfect place for us to come. The staff greeted us so warmly and opened the huge wooden doors into the most quaint and historical yet cozy feeling lobby. The hotel is actually a collection of several buildings scattered throughout the property with the main building housing a few restaurants, lounge, beautiful porch terrace, and small rooms for lounging (with roaring fireplaces, I might add!) The doorman escorted over to the building we were staying in, where Haley and I each had our own suites with plush bedding, private porches (hello, morning tea!) and a bathtub I wanted to take home with me.

Our first night we had dinner in the fine dining room and it was absolutely delicious. I had the duck (one of my favorites to order when dining out) and it was phenomenal! We ate breakfast on the outdoor patio right off the fine dining room each morning too. Haley and I woke up pretty early each morning to catch the morning light and snap some photos, so we were usually the first ones down to breakfast. It was so peaceful and quiet and we got to take in the stillness of the woodlands around us. Something I’ve come to appreciate so much after having such a jam packed schedule as of late.

Can we talk about how INSANE this spa relaxation room is? I seriously was in absolute heaven from the moment I walked in. Haley and I got a sound healing treatment (new to both of us) the first day but loved the spa so much that we each booked a massage for the next day and came back. My massage was incredible, as most massages are, and then I spent some time in the steam room, followed by a little cat nap back on these chairs. The plush blankets on the lounge chairs were the softest I have ever felt – now I know why they’re for sale in the spa shop. I’m still kicking myself for not purchasing one while at the Mayflower Grace!


I usually take blogging trips with girls that I am good friends with – Haley being no exception – and every single time we forget to take photos together! While we’re there to relax and spend time together, often we are at a location to cover and share it with our readers.. sometimes being in that #workmode you forget to do real life things like take a snap together, even if it’s a selfie! This is something I’m ‘trying’ to be better at – I’m in Savannah this week with Jenn and Krystal so you guys need to hold me accountable!

Thank you so much to the Grace Mayflower for hosting both Haley and I for such a wonderful little girls escape. We absolutely loved it and I will for sure be back. I’m thinking I’ve found the perfect location here in CT for when I just need a day or two to escape the busyness.



  1. Ally Noriega said:

    What a beautiful post….such style! Love the photos!!

  2. Becky said:

    Not sure if you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, but this is actually the Inn that the Dragonfly Inn was based off of in the show. And, Washington Depot was the inspiration for Stars Hollow 🙂

    • 11.4.17

      Okay confession, I never watched GG. But my sisters are all huge fans! We heard from some people in the area while there was this was the inspo for show – totally can see that (I’ve seen a few random episodes here and there.)



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