Tee Time.

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, about 85 degrees.. and for the first time EVER, yes EVER, I adventured to the golf course with my boyfriend, who is utterly obsessed with the sport. He has played ever since he was 3, through high school and almost pursued a professional career – to put it plainly, because he never will, he is a phenomenal golf player. So, who better to learn from than the best I know? I went with the intent of simply being his “cart girl”, but by the 4th hole I had the itch to at least try. So I did. And apparently, I’m a natural. 🙂
View from the golf cart of the first hole.
Here he is at the first hole about to tee off !
This is us! Ready to head to the 2nd hole.
I don’t believe I could have gotten a better picture than this. Perfect snapshot after a swing!
A close up of the clubs. We both used his for this time ’round, but I will be getting my own.. soon!
This is me, about to tee off for the first time ever. Notice I’m wearing flip flops 🙂
This is the view from the top of one of the holes – gorgeous!
There we go! Now I’m looking like a pro 😉
(Wearing: Top – J.Crew,  Sandals & Shorts – AEO, Sunnies – F21, Watch – River Island via Ireland Boutique [gifted], Bracelets – AEO & a real gold charm link from my mom)

I was always one to say that I ‘hated’ gold, or at least just could not understand why anyone would want to play. But, after our little outing yesterday afternoon on the back nine (this we played the first nine holes) I instantly grew to love it. Honestly, I want my own pink clubs to play with!

After golf, we headed to the grocery store and I picked up a few ingredients needed to make a delectable dinner. The menu consisted of some lean pork chop cutlets we bought Friday. I found a barbecued rib recipe (in this case I used pork chops), made some cajun quinoa, and sauteed some fresh veggies. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.
Sauteed Veggies – with various seasonings
Cajun Quinoa – Quinoa is an excellent source of protein, easily substituted for rice.

The pork chops glazed with my homemade barbecue sauce.
The finished product! It was SO yummy, with tons of flavors oozing out of the different foods. YUM!
I am such a sucker for trying new dishes and experimenting with spices and different flavors. I usually take a recipe, use it as my foundation, and tweak the ingredients according to my liking. Don’t be afraid to ever do this too! Sometimes a dish needs a little personal touch, and not so textbook.

Til tee..err or next, time!


  1. kendallcrow said:

    i totally love you golfing outfit! i come from a golfing family and i always appreciate a lady who can pull off a cute outfit on the green!

  2. 10.14.10

    Looks like a fabulous time…you guys are soooo cute too!!!

  3. 10.31.10

    You and your boyfriend are so cute! Love the golf outfit, definitely something I would wear. . . 🙂 The food looks super yummy too- gotta love quinoa!

    hearts and hugs 🙂

  4. 10.31.10

    Looks like the perfect day. I adore your golfing ensemble… chic and practical! And your dinner looks scrumptious. By the way, thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll on the left… I’m so flattered to be associated with this lovely blog of yours! XOXO, Paris in Pink

  5. 11.9.10

    I’ve never plaid golf myself and my boyfriend shows no interest either. But I’ve always secretly wanted to be a ‘cart girl’ myself for a day 🙂 Thanks for your photos, experience looks amazing! Seems like you’ve had lots of fun… and the weather… looks unreal 🙂 at least to me.

    And as an aspiring cook myself, I have to bow down to your skills 🙂 The dish looks delicious! xx



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