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Over the next few weeks, I decided I’d share a bit of my beauty routine – makeup, skin, etc. Typically, myy summer routine differs from my winter routine. I like to stick to basics, and keep my skin as light as possible, especially since I spend lots of time outdoors and like the feeling of my skin breathing in the fresh air.

1. I usually start off with a sweep or two of Nars Torrid blush – if you have a bit of a summer tan this compliments it perfectly with the nicest little glow.

2. I’m completely obsessed with the DiorShow Maximizer primer – it not only makes my lashes looks fuller and longer, but it always makes my mascara go on a bit smoother. If you don’t have it, it’s an absolute must try and worth the little splurge!

3. Maybelline has my favorite mascaras. I’ve tried everything, from cheapie drugstore buys to designer bottles for upwards of $40 a pop and I’ve always come back to Maybelline. I usually use a blend of their falsies and volume express colossal because I like how they both complement eachother.

4. Revlon’s lustrous glosses are some of the best shades for summer. They’re not too bold and just enough to look effortless on a summer day. I even wear them to the pool or beach some days for a tiny pop of color. And they have a yummy smell too!

Do you have any summer makeup favorites? There’s so many great products to choose from – 
I always love hearing what other people use!


  1. Noelani said:

    You seriously can’y go wrong with NARS blush. I love every inappropriately named color (most of all, the holy grail, orgasm). Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my maternity get ups. It’s getting hard and harder to pull them together the bigger I get, but I’ll keep trying!

  2. 6.19.13

    i’m loving your blending technique with the two maybelline mascaras. i use covergirl lash blast volume, but would love to see how the two you use work together. i may have to try it out! also, that particular color revlon gloss you have pictured looks like the perfect coral. i may have to try that, as well!

    i just moved my blog from http://fostaaah.blogspot.com/ to http://www.christinafoster.net/ so i had to come say hello!! xoxo

  3. BelleBelle said:

    Love it!! I am also obsessed with the Dior Maximizer – so so good and totally transforms lashes.

  4. Shanty said:

    all the makup kits are so gud.i use these makup

  5. 7.16.13

    That Revlon gloss looks so yummy!





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