Getting Real about the Winter Grays


LACE UP HEELS // QUILTED CROSSBODY BAG (also love this little blush one!) // BLACK VELVET CHOKER

This outfit pretty accurately describes my mood lately – gray and gloomy. Getting a little real here — the cold weather blues are really hard for me to snap out of. I thrive in the warm weather, being able to be outside, and the vibrant colors of nature that summer has. My nutritionist actually lightly diagnosed me with ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder‘ a few years back, after we discovered a pattern I’d been experiencing health wise. Definitely not something I’m necessarily proud to share, but identifying it has actually helped me become more aware of what I’m actually experiencing and why. It usually hits around January and sticks around until things start to warm up in April.

I’m not talking about the ‘I hate the cold when is winter over’ stigma that everyone seems to have. It’s a little deeper than that and the struggle is real (all jokes aside.)

Consequently, I have to work extra hard during the colder months to keep my spirits high, energy lifted, and diet on track. During summer, these things are seamless – I wake up early, spend hours a day outside, get my day’s work done in just a few hours, and eat cleaner without even thinking. During winter, all of this is much harder and seems taxing. I’m much more sensitive from an emotional standpoint, am constantly tired even though I sleep a ton, feel sluggish, and even entirely lose my appetite some days. I’m still working on ways to combat SAD – most of them are natural, through keeping my diet clean, regularly exercising, and turning to essential oils, but also decreasing the amount of pressure I put on myself and listening to my body. And that bring me to another point..

As a blogger, I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it’s really hard to ‘keep up with the bloggers’ day to day. Keeping a perfect looking social feed, posting on snapchat (and now instagram stories), churning out 5 blog posts a week, having my inbox under triple digits.. and the list goes on. Since this summer, I kind of threw all that garbage thinking out the door. I decided to run my business however I wanted to run my business. After all, it is my business for a reason, no? Consequently my business is growing faster than it ever has. If I don’t want to do a blog post that day, then guess what – I don’t. If I end up not replying to all my emails, so be it. If I can’t get 3 photos up on instagram, oh well. Bottom line, my personal health and well being became #1 for me, and not the pressure of performing or being perfect.

Ultimately, this change of mentality is what’s saved me from experiencing constant anxiety and stress. I took the month of January off from producing new blog posts to focus on me and my personal well being while working on back end blog things to keep things flowing and fresh on the front end for you all. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in awhile. And while I’m still struggling with those SAD symptoms and battles, its much easier now than it was before – because I put myself first.

Now that this post is written, I’m sitting here wondering where it all came from. 100% not my intention to sit down and write this, but maybe it was a good thing. Maybe a little more transparency is what we all need – when it’s done healthily and respectfully. 

Hoping to share more of this journey with you all via my wellness column and weekly wellness newsletter (the first one went out yesterday!) If you aren’t signed up, you can do so here





  1. Natali said:

    Loving this cardigan, looks so comfy and you’ve styled it perfectly!


  2. 2.17.17

    Love that you got personal! I’ve battled with stress and anxiety including depression a few years back and I really appreciate when others are transparent about their mental health. It makes one feel, not so alone 🙂 thank you!!

  3. Hadley A said:

    SAD is the worst! If you haven’t tried a “Happy light” it is worth a try! I use one every winter and it helps!

  4. 2.17.17

    Love this post and your REALness! I think we have all felt this way regardless of what our job is, and I can so relate! Always appreciate your attitude – you never cease to inspire me!

  5. Dawn said:

    I also deal with SAD. I very much appreciate your sharing this side of yourself. I’m almost 52 and admire the fact that blogging gets to be your ” job”. However fun and exciting it is , it must be treated as a job”. People with jobs outside of social media seem to forget that everyone needs time off. I’m glad to know you’re taking that time. It will help your productivity in the long run. Enjoy reading your posts.



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