Spring Decor Refresh

Moroccan Inspired Spring Decor with World Market

Happy Monday everyone! A new week is here – they have just been flying by lately. This weekend was filled with catching up + getting things in order after being away for the last week.. I was in Charleston for a blogger trip and then flew to Miami for a quick 36 hours to work on a huge launch of a project I have coming soon. Something that I am SO excited to share with you all and has really been happening behind the scenes for over a year now. I. Cannot. Wait!

One of the things I worked on this weekend was my living room – it needed a good spring refresh. We may have gotten a 6 inch snow fall this weekend, but I was determined to make things fresh inside. I’ve been struggling with SAD like crazy the last few weeks and knew I needed to change up the scenery here in my apartment since we still have at least 2 more months of cold, gloom, dead everything.

I turned to my favorite spot to grab a bunch of things on a good budget – World Market. I’m loving the whole moroccan inspired vibes happening right now with the crochet, macrame, prints, and more, so that’s exactly what I grabbed! Lots of texture, light colored patterns, and greenery to help things look more alive and bright in here. and I just L-O-V-E the way it all turned out!

Giving my space a good spring decor refresh also helped me get rid of some of the “clutter” I had laying around after the winter season.. in real life, this looks like taking it out of my living room + just moving it over to the dining area.. but trust me when I say it won’t stay there long. Detoxing the space you guys! (Side note: I’m on a major detox kick in all areas of life: my home, things, negativity, people.. you name it. If it’s not positively impacting/affecting me or building me up in some way then it has to go.)

tufted ottoman neutral pillow living room style


Horse Print Above my Couch

The core of my room always stays the same – couch, ottoman, and rug. But as the seasons change, I switch in different pillows, throws, decorative objects, and little things to pull the room together. I tend to keep things pretty neutral (as you all always know!) but I love mixing textures and patterns in to bring the room to life! World Market has such a great variety of pieces from all over that you can mix and match to really come up with your own unique style + take on a room!

fur throw grey bench

When I moved into this unit, I was so excited about the fireplace/mantel situation. I decided not to mount my TV on top since I wanted to have freedom to decorate it how I want with the change of seasons.. and I am SO GLAD that I did this. I think once I move into a house with a fireplace/mantel (Lord willing!) I’ll probably make the same decision. It’s such an attention grabbing area of the room that I really wanted to be able to mix things up how I wanted.

I grabbed this gold mirror from World Market back around the holidays and love that it transitioned perfectly right into my spring decor – it’s a fun metallic touch with the primarily moroccan neutrals I have going on. I added this wooden piece of artwork to the mix and then updated my baskets! I love that this one has a cover so that I can store things without the room looking messy.


tan neutral couch fringe pillowboho pillow neutral living room cream couchNeutral Living room, fur pillowneutral living room boho pillows

My couch is one of my favorite places in my apartment. It’s just the epitome of cozy + home to me. I spend mornings doing my devotions here, Kris and I have had many intimate conversations here, I’ve shared meaningful moments with girlfriends, and it’s where I plop at the end of a long day. If the rest of my home is a mess and disarray, I always try to keep my couch put together – with lots of pillows and cozy throws. I’ve mixed things up every season but I think this combo is my favorite to date. I’m obsessed with this fringe trim pillow and was actually thinking of getting one for my bedroom too (that needs a major refresh!) I ordered 1 of these mongolian fur gray pillows around Christmas and decided to grab another for this spring refresh! It’s amazing how different things can look when you pair them with other colors/textures.

Neutral living room fringe pillowBoho neutral living room fur pillow

You can shop all of my pieces below + I’ve rounded up some of the other pieces I’ve got my eye on right now too. I really want this gorgeous canopy for my room (a fun little spring/summer touch, right?!) and am about to order the Moroccan Wedding Blanket while it’s back in stock!





  1. Merritt Beck said:

    This is definitely a refreshing and clean look. I will be using this as my new decor inspiration!
    xx, Merritt
    The Style Scribe

  2. anne smegner said:

    Love the neutral look. Is that the exact rug that you linked to?? I love the print on it.

  3. 2.20.18

    I absolutely love that gorgeous ladder! I absolutely need to add one to our family room! XO


    • 2.20.18

      I’m so glad I got it! It’s so unique and adds a really fun touch 🙂

  4. Linda said:

    What is the name of the paint you have on your walls and where can you buy it! I love the way you decorate and your choice of accessories.

    • 5.14.18

      I have no idea! I live in an apartment complex and it’s just what came on the walls.. I’m sorry!



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