Smoothie Bar // Apple Berry

I started the #whole30 last week once again with my sister Emily so kept my smoothies this week pretty basic, with high antioxidant fruits and not ones higher in sugar (pineapple, ahem.) My favorite smoothie is one that contains any kind of berry, and lucky for me they’re high in antioxidants (among other things). I also reached for my flax seed, that contains some crushed blueberry, and some chia seeds –> hello, superfood! And as always, I added a handful of greens.

Chia seeds are phenomenal for loads of reasons – they’re one of the highest antioxidant foods and are awesome for digestion. (Since being officially diagnosed with celiac disease 7 months ago, its been a battle getting my whole system back to functioning normally – at one point I wasn’t digesting any food and couldn’t even eat. TMI? Oh well. Darn you, gluten!)

Flax is also awesome for preventing disease (like cancer) and healthy for your heart. I usually get ground flax since it’s easier to manage in smoothies!

Get your smoothie on!


  1. 5.14.13

    hmm looks good though

  2. 5.14.13

    I love smoothies and need new recipes- starting the cleanse diet and you need to have 2 smoothies replace meals a day! Scary. I’m book marking this one. X

  3. Stylelista said:

    yummy! looks so good, definitely trying this one!
    xo stylelista

  4. 5.14.13

    Delicious a great way to get all your vitamins in one go and so delicious.


  5. 5.15.13

    This looks so yummy! I need to try to incur[orate more flax in my diet and this is the perfect solution! Thanks for the inspo. xoxox



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