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Skinceuticals Skincare ReviewSkinceuticals Skincare

I’ve been getting questions about what skincare products I use so thought it would be time to share a little here. As I’ve said before, I’ve had my fair share of skin struggles all across the board, and tried every (I really mean every) product out there. I’ve finally settled in and found an entire product line that works with my skin – and not against it :: Skinceuticals. I’ve been using Skinceuticals for about a year and a half now and have noticed drastic changes in my skin from oilyness to discolorations and everything in between. Read on to see which products are my favorite!

Skinceuticals Cleanser Toner


Cleansing your skin is so important – you want to be sure you remove all makeup, dirt, and excess oil that builds up during the day to avoid waking up with clogged pores. I use both the purifying cleanser and LHA cleansing gel. The purifying cleanser is lightweight and refreshing, I tend to use it in the morning to wake up my skin and do a quick cleanse in the morning. I love the LHA cleansing gel for nightime when I’m removing makeup from the day. It’s thick and really decongests my pores, and leaves my skin feeling like it can breathe.


I don’t use toner every time I cleanse, usually just at night when I don’t use my Clarisonic. I’ve been using the Equalizing toner for almost a year and really recommend it. Toners sometimes sting the skin or dry them out and this one leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

Skinceuticals Moisturizer


Just like my cleansers, I use two different moisturizers whether it’s day or night. In the morning after I use the purifying cleanser, I put a pea size amount of the Daily Moisture on. It’s incredibly lightweight and seeps right into my skin, leaving no residue. At night, I use the Emollience. For one, it has such a relaxing scent! I slather on a generous amount. Any dryness present in my skin is always gone by morning with this stuff – it’s incredible!

Skinceuticals Serums


I use a bunch of different serums/gels, but these are a few of my favorites, along with the Blemish + Age Defense. This stuff is my GO TO for even the slightest peep of a pimple or problem area. I even put it on my skin when I am not having a breakout just because it’s that good. It keeps the problems away! I also love the Phyto Corrective Gel – this stuff is a lifesaver when I wake up with a breakout or reddish skin. It’s calming and leaves the skin with a more even tone. Another favorite is the Hydrating B5 Gel – I use this when my skin is super dehydrated and need a little extra oomph of moisture. I’m still experimenting with this last one, the Phloretin CF, but so far I’m liking it! It protects the skin against free radicals and other things that can damage the skin. I think it’s best results come from consistent use – something I haven’t implemented yet into my routine. I’ve used it sparingly or when I know I’ll be exposed to a lot of ‘junk’ during the day – like a day in the city.

Skinceuticals Pigment Corrector


I still have some scarring on my skin from breakouts in my younger days, or even the occasional breakout now that will leave spots for a few weeks. I just started using this Pigment Corrector a few weeks ago and have already noticed an incredible difference in the evenness of my skin. This stuff is really a miracle worker! I can’t believe the different I’ve seen in such a short amount of time. I use it at night before my moisturizer.

Skinceuticals Eye Creams


I’ve never been a huge eye cream person – I never saw the huge need. Even now, I don’t use these two products often, but if I’ve had a long week and am starting to see bags or discoloration under my eyes, these two are my go to’s. If I start to notice darkness or puffiness under my eyes at night, I use the Eye Cream before my moisturizer. In the morning, I’ll use the AOX Eye Gel – this has antioxidant properties in it making it perfect for daytime!

Skinceuticals Review

So that’s a wrap on Skinceuticals! I highly recommend testing out any of their products – you won’t be disappointed. Whether you have dry skin, problem skin, or normal skin, they have a product that can work for you. If you’re already a Skinceuticals product junkie like me, let me know which products you love! I’d love to hear your thoughts on ones I’m already not using. And please feel free to reach out with any specific questions about a product below in the comments.


Thank you so much to Alison Brod PR!


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