‘Romantics’ Shoot

I woke up this morning to twitter & fashion sites buzzing with excitement about JCrew’s new fall shoot. The ever classy designs of the ‘Crew became a part of another crew.. the Romantics cast, featuring Katie Holmes, Malin Ackerman, and Josh Duhamel. I sifted the web for some of my favorite shots, please take a look.. &don’t forget to drool over the fall fashion peaks complete with dabs of cupcake frosting on their faces!

 Katie Holmes dress is just darling, I love the sequined tassles!
And if those just aren’t enough for you, follow this link for a video of the shoot! > Crew Romantics <

Here is a peak at J Crew’s “Grey Gardens” collection for fall.. don’t you looooove?

[photos courtesy of J Crew]


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  1. Katherine. said:

    Love this! It’s about time they got some stars into the fabulous J.Crew! πŸ™‚ such a cute shoot!



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