Poolside Essentials

Summertime is clearly my favorite season, from the hot sunny days to the clothes you can (or don’t have to) wear. I’m so thankful that we have a pool, which I spend many a relaxing afternoon sitting next to. A few weeks ago during that intense heat wave we had, I snapped this photo while sitting poolside. It’s the perfect photo explanation of all the things I usually bring to the pool with me (aside from a towel, of course!) 
1. Nourishment: There’s nothing like going out to the pool and feeling hungry, then getting dizzy and nauseous from the heat on an empty stomach. Be sure to bring yourself a little sandwich or some snacks to munch on. That is, healthy ones of course 🙂 Pictured: shredded chicken & sliced tomato on Udi’s Gluten-free bread.
2. Water: Water is right up there with the nourishment. If you don’t keep your body hydrated on those uber-hot days, you’ll start to feel lightheaded. If you don’t feel affects, your body still has them. Your skin and hair especially will be quite crispy and coarse!
3. Amazon Kindle: This is my favorite little gadget. It’s so easy to slip into a beach/pool bag and carry along with you, rather than lugging around unnecessary amounts of reading or a chunky book. Plus, I download word games and play along at the pool!
4. Magazines: I almost never go to a pool or beach without a magazine on hand, even if it’s one I’ve read multiple times already. Pictured: Lucky & Harper’s Bazaar
5. Cell Phone: Of course, I have to have my cell phone. It’s absolutely necessary to keep up with the latest twitter happenings. (wink, wink!)
6. Lotion: To keep my bronzed skin, I always apply some tanning oil. And of course, be sure to carry along sunscreen (not pictured). Many of my daily moisturizers contain sunscreen so I don’t have to reapply as I run out the door!
What are your poolside (or beach) essentials?


  1. Neris said:

    Pretty much the same… I guess great minds think alike 🙂


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  2. Emily said:

    ooh HEY there lucky magazine 🙂 Ipod is comepletely necissary for me! I just got a facial mist for we’ll see how i like it!

  3. Jenna said:

    I am OBSESSING over the fun stuff here… I second it all! My poolside musts are magazines, sunglasses, my wide-brimmed hat, my cell phone and my ipod. Now, if I only had a pool…


  4. Alisha said:

    Ooh to only have a pool nearby!

    I’m right there with Jenna – sunglasses, iPod, iPhone, and hat! A kindle would be nice too (thinking about splurging and getting one). 🙂


  5. 6.24.11

    Love seeing inside your beach/pool bag!

    I need: my iPhone, towels, sunscreen, a hat, lipgloss, sunnies, and libations!

  6. Em said:

    Lovely! As long as I have my Vogue, phone, and some lemonade I’m good to go


  7. Marella said:

    My Cosmopolitan, a bottle of water and I’m happy! 🙂

  8. 6.26.11

    Yay, love being poolside over the summer! My essentials include: a glass of white wine, my iphone, loads of magazines, and my fave sunglasses!! Hope you’re having a terrific start to your summer Marissa. xx veronika

  9. 6.27.11

    LOVE this! My essentials are spray sunblock, multiple pairs of sunglasses (haha), a stack of new magazines, coconut water, and my iPad… just kidding about that last one since I don’t have one… but if I did 🙂


  10. Hayley said:

    Im obsessed with my kindle as well. my favorite place to have it is at teh gym though! no more fussing with pages while trying to run!

  11. 6.27.11

    Ohhh I’m so jealous of you right now! Its raining here!

    My essentials would be all of the above (maybe Vogue too)!

    What a beautiful start to the summer!!

    Girl about Town XxX

  12. annawithlove said:

    What a fun post! Love it!



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