New Year {+ New Sparkle}

Phew, it’s been awhile. Holiday retail really sucks the life out of you, let me tell ya. I’m still recovering honestly – and this infection clad, snowy cold season doesn’t help too much! Thankfully I’ve escaped the flu + its symptoms just yet (crossing my fingers on that one). I’ve spent most of my free moments either in my kitchen or sipping some tea. My kitchen is my happy place, where I find relaxation and get lost in my own little world. And then there’s my tea obsession.. just check instagram if you don’t believe me. A good friend of mine suggested I become a tea connoisseur, traveling the world and trying different teas. You know, it’s not a bad idea…

Here’s a few things I hope to do in this new, exciting year:

– Less shopping. Save some pennies, ya know.
– More traveling. My goal is to travel to 5 new places this year.
– I started Crossfit! Can finally check this off my bucket list. I’ve wanted to join for quite awhile and after Erika couldn’t stop gushing about it I went for it.
– Enjoy simpler things. Like talks with my Nana’s and phone calls with friends.

I have a slew of other things I want to accomplish, goals I have, marks I want to hit.. whatever you want to call it. I’m not a fan of the word “resolution”, so I’ll stick to goals + progress points.

And what have I been doing lately, you ask? Lots of relaxing, lots of me time. I’ve got a lot going on in this being of mine and it was necessary to unplug. In fact, I even went a whole 7 days without opening my computer for a single thing. Instead, I’ve watched some movies (something I hardly ever do), tried new recipes, drank lots of tea, and plowed through some books that have been on my growing list much too long. Oh, and who am I kidding, I’ve been pinning like crazy.

Oh, and you see that sparkly little braided wrap up there? That’s from Swarovski, who so kindly gifted it to me over the holiday. Swarovski produces gorgeous light-filled crystals in pieces ranging from jewelry to home accents. Their “Elements” line is the premium brand for their finest crystals. In fact, they have also just launched a new iPad app full of sparkle and glamour with loads of information, photos, and articles on Swarovski and its crystals. I have always loved Swarovski and their gorgeous pieces, so when asked if I’d support the brand and it’s new magazine, it was a no brainer. Take a peak!

Cross your fingers that my new camera will be on it’s way soon – and then we can get back to some regular programming here at Style Cusp! Thank you everyone for your support as this blog has grown and developed. It means so much!



  1. Amanda* said:

    Crossfit! I want to try it, too! I’m just too cheap. lol

  2. you have an incredible blog hun! just found u via twitter and am now following u! 🙂

    XO Meghan



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