My First Blogger Meetup!

Hello all you blogistas!

I am what seems like FINALLY sitting down to my computer, after traveling back from Austin on Saturday, catching up on some personal things, and working/homeworking yesterday. Today has been dreary and gloomy, although it’s a little on the warmer side, so it’s been the perfect day to spend unpacking, grocery shopping, and catching up with all you beautiful people. Which brings me to my next thing..

Thank you! I feel as if I am saying this in almost every post, but you know what? I don’t care. The collection of comments I’ve been receiving, along with emails and twitter messages are overwhelming- I can’t even tell you how touched and motivated I have been from all of your support! It’s been incredible to me, and more than I have expected- seriously. And to be honest, it’s excited me so much that I can hardly keep from smiling when I receive an email, notification..whatever it may be! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you friends 🙂

And now, for the exciting part! Austin was wonderful, as always. I just enjoy that city so much, along with all of its quirks and uniqueness. It’s just one big ball of fun! But this time, it was extra-special. I had been emailing this spunky little writer, Jenni of Story of My Life, who happened to be from Austin. I told her I was visiting soon, and we decided to concoct our first blogger meet-up! So on Thursday we planned a little outing at a modern Italian cafe called NoRTH at an upscale shopping center, The Domain. Let’s just say this outdoor mall is a must visit if you are in Austin..every girl’s dream. But before I get sidetracked about shopping! (it never fails..)

Jenni & I at lunch!

Jenni is the sweetest Texas girl you will ever meet! For any of you that read her blog, you can feel her personality oozing out in her writing- its personal, spunky, talkative, unique, and so approachable. And this is exactly how she is in person. There was never a dull moment in our conversation, which ranged from our families, spouse/boyfriend, blogs, and lives. If there was ever two girls who covered so much information in a 3 hour slot, it had to be us!

Following lunch, I introduced Jenni to Madewell. As a JCrew lover, I knew she would love the store, and naturally she did. I mean, how could you not, right? We both were so tempted to purchase a few items but refrained from filling our bags and emptying our accounts. And thats ok.

One of my favorite things about Madewell, are their displays and staff picks! 

Finally a scarf display that is not a balled up mess..

We then skipped (well not literally) on over to Anthropologie and perused amidst unique little trinkets, books, and decorating accessories. Jenni talked of how she loves decorating her home, and I gushed with excitement of how I cannot wait to do so with my own!

I was so tempted to buy these initials, thanks to model Jenni!

Anthro had beautiful Christmas ornaments, we both wanted them!

Mini mitten ornament, they could only fit one finger!
The tree Jenni is standing next to is made entirely of paper and those little twisties for garbage bags. It was SO COOL!

Our meet up was simply a blast. If (or should I say when) I move to Austin, I can honestly say that I have at least one real friend there! Having a meetup with Jenni only makes me want to meet so many more of you all, my blogger friends. Just as Jenni said in her post about our meetup, I truly feel as if you all are not strangers, but rather you are my friends. Even before I met Jenni, I felt as if we had connected, just through our emails. She has such personality and is a joy to be around. My favorite thing about our meet up was seeing the real life person in Jenni that I usually see through her writing. After five minutes of conversing I felt as if we had known each other for years; she is exactly how she writes. Isn’t that how each person should be on their blog? Them self.

So, my dear friends, if you have an opportunity to meet up with a blogger friend of yours, go for it! Of course do so carefully, so you are not kidnapped or some crazy thing, but have fun with it! I can’t guarantee that you will get along with whoever it may be as well as Jenni and I did, but it’s well worth the adventure either way. And if I might say so, she’s set the bar quite high. 🙂

Jenni, thank you AGAIN for making my first blogger meet up entirely too much fun! I’m looking forward to our next adventure.



  1. 11.16.10

    looks like a fun day of shopping! 🙂

  2. LuLu said:
  3. 11.16.10

    YAY!! For your first blogger meet up!! That is so crazy exciting! I have done a couple now, but they are the best! And how funny is it that we all end up shopping! You went to two of my most FAV stores! I am OBSESSED with Anthroplogie and of course being a J.Crew lover myself I love Madewell too!
    I hope you do eventually get to move to Austin then we will all have to do a blogger meet up there when I visit!
    HAve a wonderful week doll!!

    XXStop By and Say Hi☺
    Come Enter My Giveaway to Win a Free Personal Sketch!

  4. .sabo skirt. said:

    sounds like a lot of fun!!!!! We love hearing stories of bloggers meeting up =)

    we are currently hosting a marc jacobs give away… stop by our blog to enter!

    love the girls from the .sabo skirt. blog


  5. 11.16.10

    awe, this is so sweet. Yay for making new friends 😉

  6. Jenni said:

    This is so sweet Marissa… you are such a wonderful friend!! Thanks for posting this!! I enjoyed every second of reading it!! 🙂

  7. Kristin said:

    Hi Marissa! Looks like SO much fun! I can’t believe you’re at LU! I’m so close to you…maybe 45 min. Small world! My sis works there (at JCrew). Hope you’re settling back into life at home after your super fun trip! It’s fashion week over at Windy Poplars, and since you’re such the fashionista, you should come play along! Hope your day has been a great one so far… ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  8. Marella said:

    Really cute pics! It seems that you have had so much fun!

  9. Jen said:

    So much fun!! I love blogger meetups! We’ve had a few up here in MN and I can’t wait for the next one.

    Oh, and have you already checked out who else is blogging in your area? LOCATION CENTRAL lets you put in your city and see who else lives there too. All of us MN bloggers are on there!! That’s how we get together 😉


  10. 11.17.10

    Ahhhhh, you’re weekend sounded amazing! I seriously need to find some Arizona bloggers to do a meet up with!
    I’m glad you had fun and as we’ve discussed over Twitter, a trip to Austin needs to be in my future!

    Lovely post, as always 🙂

    hearts and hugs,

  11. Influence said:

    Aw great post and loved this pics, looked like a great day 🙂

  12. 11.17.10

    Oh how fun this must have been! Cute pics, and that store looks AH-MAZING! 🙂 Paris in Pink

  13. Laura said:

    eek, Christmas is coming! Yeah, I’m 5.
    I love girly shopping dates!


  14. 11.18.10

    Wow, girls, you look gorgeous! 😉
    I follow your FAB blog.
    I’m new on blogger, so I would be very happy if you took a look on my blog too.
    Maybe we can follow each other.

  15. 11.19.10

    Awww, such a sweet post. I’ve met a few bloggers during my 6 month tenure and it is always really fun. It’s kind of a trip too, to just be meeting people whom you feel like you already know really well. I’m glad this worked out so well for you guys, it’s such an inspiring post!

    xoxo, Ashley

  16. 11.19.10

    Hey girl!! Just stopping by to say Have a Fab weekend!!!


    Stop By and Say Hi☺
    Come Enter My Giveaway to Win a Free Personal Sketch!

  17. Vikki said:

    Hi Marissa!
    I’m glad you had fun!!! I just posted the “I love your blog” interview you passed on to me on my blog. I’d be really happy if you came and checked it out!!!



  18. 11.25.10

    Fantastic photos! It looks like you ladies had a great time! I absolutely love your blog too – you are simply adorable!

    xo Danielle



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