My Favorite Podcasts + Your Podcast Recommendations

A few weeks ago I asked you guys for some podcast recs – and you totally delivered! I love listening to podcasts but get this… usually just when I travel or am sitting at the pool. When I’m home, I don’t really have ‘time’ to listen to them in the sense that – I can’t concentrate on one when I’m trying to work and usually would rather listen to music or something when I’m cleaning ,cooking, etc because I like to ‘zone’ out rather than pay attention.

When I travel though and am on flights, I like having something I can focus on whether it’s a good book or podcast and for the last year or so I’ve been turning to podcasts since I can kick back and just listen.

I have always loved crime/mystery/murder type shows so naturally those are the podcasts that I love, but I also have a few other motivational/spiritual encouragement type ones so figured I would round them up here! And then also am going to listen out the ones you guys recommended in case you’re looking for a new one to listen to yourself!

  1. Serial – I think everyone and their mother has listened to this, and this was my first podcast listen way back in the day when it was all the craze. It’s honestly so good that I would relisten to it now for a refresher, especially since the case is back in the media as of late. This is about a murder that happened years ago and the kid/now man who’s serving the sentence may have been wrongly convicted. SUCH a good listen!
  2. Up and Vanished (2 seasons) – Season 1 documents the Tara Grinsted murder and next to Serial this was by far my favorite podcast to listen to. I liked season 2, but not as much.. I felt like it dragged on a bit, but is still a good listen!
  3. Someone Knows Something (5 seasons) – I’ve listened to season 1, 2, and season 5 and really liked them all! These are all cold cases that are revisited/reinvestigated to try to get to the bottom of them. Season 5 is the most recent podcast I listened to, just wrapped up on my most recent flight!
  4. Over My Dead Body – this case was crazy and so easy to listen to because I was left on the edge of my seat after each episode and wanting to fly through the next one. See how four people conspired to commit a murder.
  5. Dr. Death – from the same producers as Over my Dead Body and this was maybe the craziest thing I have ever heard. Christopher Duntsch is a legit psychopath – how he ever became a doctor or allowed to practice is BEYOND me!
  6. Dirty John – another one from the same producers as the two above + I think this was my favorite of the three! A successful interior designer out in LA meets a man who on the outside seems like the perfect man – successful, attractive, etc.. but quickly finds out otherwise and it almost costs her the lives of those closest to her.
  7. S-Town – Everyone I’ve talked to seems to be crazy about this podcast, but I got to the end and was like… really? That’s it? I thought it was going to have a better/crazier ending. However, this is totally a good listen & I would still recommend it!
  8. Uncover: Escaping NXIVM – holy. crap. Talk about insane! Cults are real, people, and this is so eye opening. This podcast documents one woman’s struggle to leave a cult called NXIUM (pronounced nexium) and it will blow your mind. It saddens me that things this psycho and crazy are real, but I think it’s important for us to be aware that cults like this exist and are right in the middle of our daily lives. They also have a second two now I just finished!

More crime ones i’ve listened to recently:

Counter Clock
Down the Hill – the Delphi Murder
The Officer’s Wife
Blood Ties
The Disappearance of Cassie Compton
Truth + Lies: Jeffrey Epstein

Okay enough on the crime + crazy podcasts recommendations.. here are a few other podcasts I love!

  1. Kris Vallotton – this. guy. is. amazing. He offers advice on anything ranging from family, marriage, relationships, life, and everything in between. Spiritually based but practically focused – I most recently listened to his episodes Developing a Noble Family + Secrets to a Great Marriage. No I’m not married and no I don’t have kids yet, but that’s exactly why I’m listening! To learn + grow + develop good healthy habits/mindsets now to prepare for those seasons! I especially loved the portion of developing a noble family that was about communication + what healthy communication is/should be. You can apply these principles to any relationship in your life – husband, wife, boyfriend, sister, mom/dad, friend… you name it!
  2. Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher – I’m assuming most of you have either heard of this or already listen to it! Fun fact: Jenna and I connected about 8 years ago before our blogs/businesses took off and were fast internet friends. She was a huge encourager and cheerleader for me back then so I’m not surprised that she’s taken the world by storm and is doing the same for millions now.
  3. SHE Podcast by Jordan Lee Dooley – I am just starting to listen to Jordan’s podcast but love that she covers all kinds of life topics, like relationships, balance in business, life tips (working out, managing friendships, etc) and so much more. It’s a newer podcast but I think Jordan is taking OFFFFF!
  4. BEHIND THE SCENES – a podcast by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. You may know them from the TV show ‘little people, big world’ but I’m lucky to call Audrey a friend and she is truly the sweetest soul on earth. They cover everything in their podcast from family to business to marriage to life and everything in between.

More general ones I’ve listened to recently:



Recommendations from you guys + more that I’ve listened to – I’ve updated this recently!!

Happy Face
In the Dark
Root of Evil
Broken Brain
The Genius Life
The Drop Out
The Morning Toast
Wine and Crime
Scrubbing In
Gilmore Guys
The Dropout
That Sounds Fun
Mansion Murders
Armchair Expert
To Live + Die in LA – so good
Last Podcast on the Left
Behind the Bliss
Forever 35 – Self Care
The First Degree
The Lady Gang
Whine Down
10 Things to Tell You


  1. Kylie Nason said:

    Please tell me you’ve listened to crime junkies?! It is by far the best crime podcast I’ve listened to! If you haven’t, you need to check them out! All the episodes are about 30-45 min and each week is a new case.

  2. Melissa said:

    Please listen to The Shrink Next Door. So good!

  3. Amanda said:

    I’m hooked on My Favorite Murder & the American Girls podcast 💕



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