Motivation Monday // Intention

A reoccurring word so far this year for me has been intention. It’s popped up seemingly everywhere – reading articles, books, blog posts, finding quotes.. you name it. I didn’t start the year with the ‘intention’ to live intently, but I think it has evidently become my goal for this year.

Intention literally means ‘the thing you plan to do or achieve; an aim or a plan.’

I’ve fallen in love with this word. Say it out loud a few times – doesn’t it just exude motivation, determination, and a sense of profound purpose? I think we all purpose to live intently, yet most of the time we don’t. We go about our everyday habits and schedules, sometimes without really knowing why or having a reason for doing something.

But if you don’t have a purpose – an intention – for what you are doing, then why are you doing it?

Think about where you are going, what you are doing, why you are doing. What is your intention. Are you waking up each day and purposing to live with intention?

I guarantee that if you start your day with an intention, you will see a more purposeful fruit of your labor.

*Note: this image was taken via pinterest, and clearly whoever made it did not truly have the proper inTention for their spelling 😉

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  1. 3.3.14

    Love this! Thank you!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina



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