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Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had fabulous weekends – I watched the Grammy’s last night + got prepped for a busy week ahead! 
So let’s chit chat about today’s motivation. To be really honest, I want to just cover my eyes and not pay attention to this one. And when I read this and that was my reaction, I knew it had to be this week’s post. 
I’m terrible at this. I always let little things bother me, get me down, upset me.. you name it – whatever the opposite of happiness is, really. The problem is that it’s ever so easy to fall into the trap of “oh, I’m having a bad day” or using the “yeah, I don’t feel good” line for like, everything. Wait, so I’m not the only one who does that? Okay, good. This week and really just overall this year moving forward (because you never move backward), I want to focus on maintaining my happiness – not letting the stupid little things bother me. 
Think about how many minutes you spend upset over stupid little things and then furthermore the hours you spend sulking about them. I know they’re instantly adding up in my own head, and it’s kind of embarrassing. How many blog posts could I have written? Emails I could have replied to? Ideas I could have brainstormed?
I’m not talking about the down right bad days, when certain big things go wrong and you can’t help but end up in a sour mood, either. Trust me, we all have those days and have those things happen. I get it. I’m talking about the little stupid things. I think they’re different for all of us, but each of us know exactly what little stupid things we let ruin our day and our happiness in that day. 
I’ve taken to writing down a little word of encouragement at the top of my week in my planner. 
This week, it’s going to be this. 
Cheers to a week of more HAPPY! 

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  1. 1.27.14

    Great quote! Happy Monday!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina



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