Most Used Kitchen Items

I have shared all these items at various times, but never put together a post all about them in one spot.. so here it is! My most used kitchen/household items.

1 // Meat Shredder – this gadget is the legit best. My aunt was using it while we were over for Sunday Funday awhile ago and I went home and ordered it ASAP. It shreds up any chicken, beef, meat etc so easily.. you’ll never have to use a fork for that stuff again!

2 // Egg Cooker – I use this for making hard boiled eggs because they come out perfect literally every single time. You plop them in, hit the button and it buzzes when they’re done!

3 // Keurig Coffee Maker – I’m not the person that needs the fanciest machine on the planet, so this Keurig does the trick for me. It makes lattes and cappuccinos, regular coffee, and shot of espresso. It’s soo easy to use too!

4 // Handheld frother – the keurig comes with one on the side and I do use that, but I also love my handheld and have used it for yeeears.

5 // Stemless Wine Glasses – I shared these on stories the other day randomly, and was so surprised how many of you wanted to know about my glasses! I use stemless wine glasses for legit everything.. they feel fancy and special, but cut out the hassle of a mess or accidental spill because they rarely ever tip over.

6 // Ninja Bullet – smoothies for 1, on the go. Enough said?!

7 // Yeti Colster – so I have the yeti rambler and mug and all that.. but they have this size that’s perfect for those summer white claws. I got this in a grab bag for christmas and know it’ll be with me all summer long!

8 // Stainless steel straws – I think most of us use these by now, but I really use them with every single drink! I swapped my plastic Yeti straw for one of these!

9 // Dyson Vacuum – I am obsessed with having clean floors. Like one piece of dirt, a crumb, whatever.. and I pull out the Dyson. My family makes fun of me whenever they’re over because I am constantly vacuuming. The Dyson makes it so easy to pull out and bring wherever in the house. Easily one of the best purchases I’ve made for my home!

10 // Steam Mop – I use this about once a week or two to clean my floors and it does the best job! And you guys have loved this every time I share it too haha.. The directions say to only use water, but I also add in a capful of thieves cleaner to mine – I trust the thieves cleaner and know it’s not going to damage the mop itself.. I’ve never had an issue!


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