Meet my Intern!

I’m so excited to (finally) introduce my intern to you all! Meet Emily Joy – who also happens to be my sister! Emily is currently a senior in college and also interning for the fabulous Dallas Shaw.. talk about two killer internships, right? 😉 I got the deets on what Emily’s up to now, what she loves, and where she is headed. She also just did a fun shoot with Nicolette Arielle Photography that we’re sharing today. (more photos from the shoot)

Where do you go to school and what are you studying? Southeastern University, Public Relations and Journalism

Why did you want to intern with Style Cusp? I think the evolution of the blogging is fascinating and writing is one of my biggest passions. Although I have had different internships doing a variety of things, I wanted to intern with Style Cusp to learn the process of how a simple idea transforms into a post, to gain knowledge about how the blogging business functions, and to improve on social media skills.
What are you hoping to learn most about interning for a blogger and entrepreneur? Blogging has changed the lives of so many young women who have taken their passion for lifestyle topics and turned it into a way to make extra money or even a living. To me, that is inspiring as I am an aspiring entrepreneur who would love to take my talents and passions and create an outlet to make money and love what I do. I am looking forward to learning the pros and cons of running a personal business, how to negotiate with brands, and tackle the unexpected challenges of the job.

Do you have after college plans? I graduate in May! As of right now, I do not have any immediate plans for after graduation. I am considering a few options right now so we shall see!

How do you show your personality through your own personal style? Over the last few years, my style has changed so much. I am originally from the North which provokes a traditional, preppy style but as I have lived in Florida during my college years, I have had beachy, bohemian influence added to my style. Overall, I think I have a classic, fresh and sophisticated style. I pick the trends that I think are fun and would fit my body type. 
Who are your style icons? Although I pull inspiration for my style from many places, my style icons would have to be Olivia Palermo, Whitney Port, and Blake Lively.
What are your top 3 favorite items in your closet right now? I love my green army jacket; it just seems to match every outfit! I also have to resist slipping into my faux leather leggings more than once a week because they are so comfortable while still looking refined. And my large collection of black sweaters of all shapes, lengths, and thickness; they are all so different and needed!
Where do you gain most of your inspiration? Pinterest! Any inspiration from style to home goods to food to working out, it’s there! 
What do you love to do for fun (or your hobbies/interests)? Family and friends are a very big part of my life and I enjoy spending time with them! I love anything that uses or challenges my creative talent. Whether that is baking or painting or crafting. Over the past year, I have started to learn fashion illustration using watercolors. It has been a very fun and artistic outlet for me between studying and working. I love to read, follow blogs, sip tea, and pin!

Emily has already been such a help in creating content and keeping things flowing here at Style Cusp – I honestly don’t know what I did without an intern assisting in daily activities! Stay tuned for more  content and features with Emily in the next few months. 


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