Love Note.

I’m entirely in love with my other half.

I could completely live off of frozen yogurt topped with fresh
strawberries & kiwis. More specifically, Yogli Mogli yumm!
(Yogli Mogli is located in Atlanta, GA)

Just too cute for words.

 How incredibly delicious do these frozen raspberries look?
Sometimes, I wish I were her. Positively ADORABLE.
I am, without a doubt, craving my weekly Spicy Tuna fix.

These are just a few photos to share my current mood with you all. I’m purely exhausted from the past day’s events. Much has happened, but I have much to be thankful for at the same time.

For now, I’m surrounded by pillows about to drift off into a peaceful sleep with the thoughts of my wonderful boyfriend arriving in the morning from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m so ready for a love-filled, adventurous, travel-packed, & fashion-clad (of course) week! Some events on our agenda include: Despicable Me, Six Flags, Beachhouse, Shopping!, Local Restaurants, Delicious cooking, Family cookouts..and the list continues.

While I may go on a sliiight hiatus, stay on the look out for a few updates about our week. 😉 I have to say, I feel special

XXXO, Readers!


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