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I’m SO excited to announce that one of my recent posts was featured in these week’s roundup of Links A La Mode! Scroll down and take a peak 🙂


links a la mode

When fashion teaches you a lesson

Edited by: Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

As fashion bloggers, we are often the ones sharing and giving advice about fashion. But what happens when fashion turns the table on us and teaches us a lesson or two? From learning how to be thrifty, coping through a crisis, or the economy, these fashion bloggers took a cue from fashion’s lessons and turned them into a delicious and delectable read- and I have rounded these up for you…

Links à la Mode: November 18th

  • Almost Sober Mag: Pull It, Push It and Come Back When You Proved It: Direct experience from a newly established independent publisher: a week as a fashion editor.
  • Beyond Fabric: On the relation between Body Language and Fashion Photography
  • Dedicated Follower: To Write Love on Her Arms – I join the movement and write love on my arms in honor of a lost friend.
  • Exiled from the City: Throughout the past few years, there has been a paradigm shift in consumer variables and the function of fashion.
  • For those about to Shop: Society must take some responsibility for the dangerous obsession to be thin.
  • Freeda Style: “Appropriate Attire” Are ALL the old rules of fashion dead? Or should some survive?
  • Haute World: Grace Kelly Exhibition: How a royal style icon can teach us a lesson in thriftiness.
  • Heathers Design Blog: Musings on fashion now and fashion then, based on the exhibit “Fashioning Fashion” at LACMA.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Self-Promotion 101: It’s not about you
  • LivLux Mag: ComfortZones: Even Fashionistas get insecure when trying new styles.
  • Make the World a Prettier Place: History of Fashion: The New Look (1947)
  • Miss Vinyl Ahoy: I’ve read some negative comments about the 30 for 30 challenge, and wanted to explain more of what it is and why people should care about it, from my POV.
  • Modesty Theory: Welcome to Hijabi Fashion Week- showcasing the style of Muslim women for various occasions.
  • Oh My Massila: Reflections on the crossroads between fashion and feminism.
  • Previously Owned: The tale of the “00s” Vintage and the mockery of the consumer… Are we becoming victims of the mass media?
  • RetroChick: Why Fashion isn’t Frivolous
  • Return to Sender: Sometimes life gets in the way of fashion. How I Survive A Crisis
  • Searching for Style: Fashion 101: Who Owns What. The lowdown on the big fashion conglomerates and the companies they own.
  • Socialite Dreams: Sparkly, glam shoes are a must have for the holidays! Twinkle Toes: The Holiday Shoe Guide
  • Taste and Style: Keep Being YOU.
  • The Curvy Fashionista: How to determine quality in plus size fashion


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