How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale



It’s here – another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale officially kicks off in less than 5 hours! Before I worked at Nordstrom, I hardly knew about the sale, let alone how HUGE it is for shopping fall fashion FIRST. I’m guessing there’s quite a few of you that are in the same boat. So let’s break it down..

Did you know Nordstrom is the only retailer that releases exclusive fall fashions at a fraction of their actual retail price? You can get all of your fall wish list items purchased at Black Friday (or better) prices, now. It gets even better – the official sale starts July 17th, but those of you with a Nordstrom card can shop ‘early access’ (aka. before everyone else) from July 9-16. Basically, you want to shop Early Access because there’s quite a few items that will sell out even before the actual sale hits. I learned this the hard way holding out to the end of the sale for some items I loved.

Now you’re saying you don’t want another credit card. Neither did I. No problem! Nordstrom has a debit option which actually connects directly to your own debit/checking account. (similar to the Target debit card if you have that) You still get the same full benefits of the credit card and the exclusive Early Access available ONLY this week! So if you’ve been dying to get a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots or a Rebecca Minkoff bag, you’re in luck! (Yes those are included in the sale!) To apply for the Nordstrom Debit card, go here.

Having worked at Nordstrom and worked several Anniversary Sales, I like to think I have an advantage for knowing what pieces will sell well. Our customers always had a few top things they’d want to purchase and we’d sell through them fast.. So check back bright and early tomorrow morning for my top 10 picks from the sale!



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