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Happy 2020, all!! I’m so excited to start the new year here with Style Cusp + have lots to come.. but before we delve into all that, I wanted to show you the ‘highly anticipated’ guest room reveal!

Total transparency: decorating a new home is not easy and it takes time. Patience is absolutely required! ha Putting this room together was not easy. It seems like it’s just a rug, bed, mirror.. you know, but behind the scenes it involved lots of trips back to the store, the wrong items coming in/wrong sizes, the colors not meshing/working and have to redo, not being able to find the right piece for under the mirror.. and then when it was all said and done, my mom and I were hanging the curtains and just when we got it up, the entire thing came crashing down. Hence why you don’t see them in these photos. I gave up and decided done is better than perfect in this instance..ha!

I say this only because I want you guys to know the process behind the ‘pretty photos online’ – this is my first home and I truly want to love every single piece that makes it way in here. So even though this room isn’t totally perfect and the way I wanted it to be revealed to you guys, I’m going with it + sharing what it is now. I will show the progress as I continue to piece it together and find those last little touches I am looking for!

SO, without further adieu…

Bed Frame // Nightstands // Lamps // Mirror

This post is created in partnership with Raymour + Flanigan.

I knew that here in the guest room I wanted a full bed frame and not just a head board. When I saw the Alexander bed at Raymour + Flanigan, I knew it was the perfect one! I didn’t want something tufted and loved just the simple nail head design along the edge of the Alexander bed. It comes in several colors – this one is the gray one.

I love the way the room has come together thus far – I wanted to do more of a contemporary feel and love how the nightstands added something different to the mix. I found these nightstands at my local Raymour + Flanigan and fell in love the second I saw them!

I also snagged the little lamps at Raymour + Flanigan! I plan to find either some small mirrors or art to add above the nightstands for some height + to fill in the white space on the wall there.

The rug was actually the first thing I bought for the room waaayyy back close to when I moved in. I knew I wanted to use this rug somewhere in the house + the guest room seemed like the perfect fit.. so I kind of planned the rest of the room around this!

Also, as you guys have probably figured out.. I am LOVING the dark green color + have used it throughout the house (dining room chairs!) I couldn’t help myself here in the guest room and love the warmth they bring to the room… and accent the winter decor I added in (for now!) I’ll probably change this come spring to something lighter, but for now love it!

I also allll about making guests feel welcomed and cozy when they come (and currently waiting on my *first* official one!), but here’s a few tips for getting a guest room ready for guests:

+ fresh towels in the room (don’t make them ask!)
+ mugs for coffee (if they’re up before you, they won’t need to search!)
+ diffuser (obviously you know I would have one available)
+ cozy bedding (have extra blankets and pillows for optimal comfort and warmth!)
+ comfy mattress (you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good mattress! I got this one at Raymour and Flanigan and it was comfortable AND affordable!)

And here you see the lovely curtain hanger – the one casualty that DIDNT crash down.. #eyeroll

So in this corner I looked high and low for a chest or small dresser to put under the mirror from Raymour + Flanigan, but haven’t quite found the perfect piece yet. For now, I put this little stool and a pillow to fill in the space a bit!

This room gets SO much light pretty much all day long, which I absolutely love.. but it isn’t the greatest for guests in the morning who might be tired from traveling. I got this black out curtains + will show you guys once we figure out the curtain situation (it’s kind of drastic, like I may have to replace the entire sheetrock.. but going to try to figure out another solution before ripping it out)

All the main furniture here in the room is from Raymour + Flanigan and it was really the only part of the room that I had no hiccups with. The staff at my local store was amazing to work with, my pieces were ordered and arrived in a few weeks time, and their delivery crew put everything exactly where it needed to be in the room! Thankfully the *big* furniture parts of the room from Raymour were easy to find!


  1. Lauren said:

    Hi! Beautiful guest room!! Where did you get the “let’s mistletoe” pillow from!? Thanks 🙂

  2. Tina said:

    That looks more comfortable then my bedroom. Really nice furnitures.
    Tina Wimpernverlängerung



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