Fashionable Bites.

If only fast food could be eaten as classy as this. 
How delishh do these Louis Vuitton, Provocateur, 
Chanel & Louboutin cupcakes look? Yumm!
Gucci French Fries – Don’t they just look elegant in this box?
A Paul Smith sundae & A Burberry burger. 
(of course the Burberry burger is my favorite)
These cupcakes are SO Betsey. The vibrant colors and mismatching ideas –
take the second cupcake. Halloween & Valentines in one!
A New York cake designer made this Louis Vuitton cake.
Christian Audigier’s designer wine & bottle.
Hermes McDonald’s fries.
I wish eating each of these designer selections pictured would make me feel as beautiful as they look. Fashion undoubtedly has a way of making anyone want it, no matter what it is. At least, I know I’m craving some french fries now. 🙂


  1. Emily said:

    Love this! Do they really sell them? haha check out my Chanel ice cream cone!

  2. 11.12.10

    oh my, these are fabulous! i adore these. lovelyyy. xo



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