5 Oils I’m Loving + My Monthly Wellness Order

Lime and Peppermint Essential Oil

I’ve been using essential oils for a few months now and can hardly remember what my life or routine looked like before them. I never thought that little bottles of these pure products could make such a difference in my life! If you missed my first post on oils, check that out and then come back to finish reading this post! 

In an effort to include more wellness into my site after so many of your requests, I also created a separate instagram account to share about oils and clean living. @cuspessentials – if you aren’t already following along, then come join me! I love sharing what oils I’m diffusing, how I’m using my oils, or how they benefit our bodies. 

 SO – let’s talk about the biggest differences, changes, or support I’ve seen from oils, because that’s one of the first questions I always get! In a broad span, I’ve seen physical support, emotional support, immune boosting, skin clearing/glowing, ability to focus/work better, solid sleep, hormonal balances.. and this really just touches the iceberg. After really finding out how harmful a lot of products can be to our bodies and systems, I want to get rid of as much junk as I possibly can. I’ve been getting rid of toxins and harmful chemicals from my routine and home, and swapping them for clean, pure products that are plant based and available through Young Living. In turn, I’ve benefitted far beyond what I ever thought I could. I am sleeping better than I’ve slept in my entire life. I wake up with instant energy. My skin is glowing and more even-toned than ever. My hair is growing like a weed. My ‘that time of the month’ hormones aren’t all over the place. Stressful days are less stressful. I get quick relief from head tension, muscle soreness, or joint pain without having to fill my body with OTC drugs. My weekly baths are filled with pure oil instead of toxic bath bombs.

And in the process? I am having so. much. fun! You guys, discovering new products that work with my body instead of against it is truly invigorating & I of course can’t help but share with all of you because I want the same exact thing for you! So many of you have reached out, asked questions, shared your stories or struggles, and I so appreciate that. The more we talk about these things and are willing to share with others that there are answers – the more homes and lives can be changed! Isn’t that amazing?! 

I’m going to try to share my top 5 oils of the month each month and then also my monthly rewards order that I talked about in my original post.
To get started on your own oily journey (+ join my amazing team), you can head to this link – click on wholesale member, choose your kit to start out with and you are on your way!

 Stress Away Essential Oil


1. Stress Away – this oil is as amazing as it sounds and yes it takes that stress right away! It’s a blend of lime, vanilla, copaiba, cedarwood, and lavender – the perfect blend of citrus yet tropical. It smells like you’re on the beach, and if I could drink it I am pretty sure I would! This oils should be in all of our lives.

2. Peace + Calming – the reason I sleep at night. Seriously! I put 4 drops of this in my diffuser along with lavender + cedarwood and am out like a light within 10 minutes of hitting my pillow. For someone who has struggled with sleep over the years, this was a total game changer for me. P+C is a blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy. It’s also one of Young Living’s most popular oils! If you’re a mamma to littles, this oil is also great for diffusing in your kids rooms at night, after a nightmare, or even after an upsetting episode they’ve had. 

3. Release – this is one of my favorite emotional support oils. It helps release feelings of anger or frustration and promotes harmony and balance when diffused. I like to use this oil after I’ve had a particularly long day, dealt with conflicts, or if I’m feeling upset about something. It’s best used when you’re seeking out emotional release of feelings and wanting balance.

4. Frankincense – I’ve gotten so many compliments about my skin + complexion recently and I 100% attribute it to incorporating Frank into my daily routine. I put a drop into my moisturizer and rub all over my face. Frankincense has been a widely used oil since Biblical times and if one of most powerful healing oils. It’s also very grounding when diffused, so great to diffuse after a hectic day or if you’re heading off to church, prayer time, meditation, etc. I actually didn’t like the smell of Frank when I first got it, but quickly grew to love it and it’s one of my staple oils!

5. Thieves – thieves is the top oil for immune boosting and fighting. As someone who tends to have a weaker immune system, I now use thieves on a daily basis. I combined it with Immupower (another immune boosting oil) + Frankincense (healing) in a roller and put it on my feet + spine every night. I also have switched over all of my cleaning products to Young Living’s cleaning line that is made from thieves. My house smells incredible every time I clean – and I only have to use this one product instead of cart around a bunch of cleaners!


Young Living has a monthly rewards program where you can pick whatever wellness products you want and they show up at your doorstep on autoship every single month. I get 24% off all of these products, PLUS 20% back, and depending on how much you spend, a ton of free oils + other products.. You guys know how much I love Target, but 5% back on a redcard for household, cleaning supplies, and personal products is nothing compared to 45% off/back with Young Living. Truth be told, I’ve only gone to Target ONCE in the last 8 weeks. If you know me, that is literally a miracle.

Here’s what was in my order this month:
Thieves Cleaning Kit – includes 2 cleaners, 2 hand soaps, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, thieves spray, & Thieves oil ?
The Thieves cleaner lasts literally f o r e v e r! You take one capful and dilute it in a spray bottle of water – then walaaaa, clean your entire house. Like I mentioned before, I don’t need to cart around 5 cleaners to clean different parts of my home anymore! All of the Thieves products are made with Thieves essential oil and infused with lemon essential oil. Thieves is one of the best immune boosting + yuck killing oils you can get your hands on. If you diffuse Thieves oil for just 30 minutes a day, it removes over 82% of the toxins in the air in your home – without replacing it with more toxins like Lysol spray and other room refreshers will!

Ningxia Red ?? – actual magic in a bottle. Ningxia is a superfood drink that gives me the energy and brains every morning that I need. I take one 1 oz. serving of this every morning, and then sometimes will make a little mocktail with La Croix midday for a pick me up. The antioxidant levels of Ningxia are equivalent to 73 strawberries, 100 oranges, 10.8 pounds of spinach, 22 carrots, 59 heads of broccoli, 93 apples, 814 blueberries, 55.33 pounds of almonds. Phew – now if you can eat all of that in one day, go for it! But I know I can’t, so I’ll take all the Ningxia please!

Super B & PowerGize supplements ?? – Super B is a complex of all 8 energy boosting B vitamins. If you’re someone who tends to be sluggish or need those 4 cups of coffee, then Ningxia + Super B in your life will change that around real quick!

Mirah Shave Oil ? this is a new product for me – will have to report back on how i like it, but for now.. it smells HEAVENLY!

Slique Essence ? this is a weight management oil that you can put in water, smoothies, etc. It’s a blend of Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lemon, Spearmint, and Ocotea + when put in water tastes like refreshing heaven.

OILSSS ? Dream Catcher, White Angelica, Copaiba, SARA, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary, Panaway – a few new ones to try and a few favorites that I have run out of! 


 If you want more info on Young Living or how you can be apart of this incredible monthly wellness box program – leave a comment below, reach out to me on instagram, send me an email… I would love to help you! I’m going to keep up with these posts at least once a month on Wellness Wednesdays and share with you all the goodness that Young Living has added to my life. If you’re interested in getting started right away, you can order the starter kit that gives you 11 of the most popular oils, a diffuser, tons of samples, and access to my private team. We offer support, training, education and so much more for oils – so you aren’t starting an oily wellness journey alone! I will 100% help you + teach you how you can swap out toxins for clean, pure products.

Happy Wednesday all!




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