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I am so excited for today’s post, I could cry. No really, I actually could.

If you follow me on snapchat or instagram, you’ve probably seen me sharing about essential oils over the past week or so. I’ve used oils sporadically over the last 2 years, with lavender being one I use every single night to help me sleep. I always wanted to jump right in and be one of those people that used them all the time, for everything, and knew everything there was to know about oils. But would give myself about 10 excuses not to and play the “I’m already too busy” card. 

The truth is, health and wellness is my biggest passion and it has been since I drastically changed my lifestyle after finding out I was a celiac (allergic to gluten). I was living in a constant state of dysfunction because my body couldn’t do anything with what I was putting inside it. At the time I was in college and was the farthest thing from a normal college student – i.e. I didn’t leave my couch because my body felt physically depressed. (more on my health journey to come..)


That being said, incorporating oils into my lifestyle is just one more step I’m taking to really claim control over my health, body, and how I function. I shared a little bit about a personal struggle last week and received such an amazing response from many of you who have personal struggles as well. The most important thing is realizing that there’s tools and resources out there to help you combat whatever personal struggle you’re going through.

It’s been about a week of using oils and I’m already wondering how in the world I went without them before. And cue about 80% of you sitting here saying ‘yeah okay Marissa, you are turning into one of these crazy oil ladies.” But hear me out and let me just tell you a few things about these wonderful little bottles of goodness! I chose Young Living because they’re the top essential oils producer worldwide, with farms located all over the world where they grow, source, and produce all of their own oils and products backed by their Seed to Seal process. Aside from that, here’s a few more facts:

  • Essential oils are distilled or pressed directly from plants. Basically, a bottle of essential oil is the purest form of the respective plant that it’s coming from.
  • Essential oils quickly penetrate the tissues of the skin, getting into your blood stream within 30 seconds when used topically.
  • Young Living is the world leader in essential oils and has an incredible process of producing oils – more about their Seed to Seal process here.
  • Oils can be used to assist or aid in your daily bodily functions, boost immunity, contribute to your mental focus, cultivate spirituality, and much more. 
  • Oils can be used individually or blended with another oil. Some oils bring out the maximum benefits in another when blended together.
  • Oils can be diffused aromatically, used topically, or ingested (marked by the white Vitality bottles).


Are you catching on yet? What we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on them. Just think for a second what kinds of toxins or chemicals are in all of the detergents, perfumes, lotions, soaps, air fresheners, candles, and the list goes on.. we probably don’t even KNOW what’s in them.. #scary. Imagine that you could replace all of that garbage with 100% pure essential oil! 

So – now you know a tiny piece of why I decided to just jump right in. I ordered the Young Living starter kit – $160 for a $335 value!! – and have spent so much time already learning what these oils are for and how they can benefit and uplift my body. The premium starter kit includes 11 bottles of the most popular essential oils (hello lavender, peppermint, and stress away!), a diffuser of your choice, product samples, product info, and more! It’s literally the perfect starter kit to get you launched on your new wellness journey.

I was so excited to get these oils and start using them, that I wanted more. I ended up taking it a step further and signed up for the monthly wellness box with Young Living where you can earn rewards and free oils, while picking all of your own product every single month. This girl ended up ordering 5 more oils plus another diffuser – and you guys, I got 5 oils for FREE! Who doesn’t love FREE. 

 I’m so excited to share more about my oils journey with you all. I’ll be sharing my monthly rewards package and what I order, plus oils and their uses, my favorite oils, recipe blends.. and the list goes on. Sign up for my wellness newsletter to stay in the know or follow my oils instagram account to see how I use oils in my daily life plus lots of video content! If you’re interested in learning more or want to get started with a Young Living starter kit, shoot me an email and I will gladly help you out! 


  1. CLICK THIS LINKmake sure my ID (#11296434) is listed for sponsor + enroller
  2. SELECT MEMBER – You must sign up as a wholesale customer not retail in order to get the $160 starter kit bundle, lifetime discount of 24% off your purchases, and access to rewards + free oils! (You do NOT have to sell oils to be a wholesale member FYI!)
  3. PICK YOUR DIFFUSER – I started out with the dewdrop! 


  1. I’LL SEND YOU A WELCOME EMAIL – you’ll get some basic info from me as well as a link to access our private team group.
  2. JOIN OUR TEAM GROUP – When you join with Young Living, you join a team. Our team is a thriving group full of resources, giveaways, live videos, and so much more to teach you how to use your oils. You aren’t alone in learning about them – we’re here to help every step of the way! 


Cheers to getting in on that oily life! I’m so excited for you to join me + to continue to share more with you all.



  1. 2.22.17

    How exciting! I’d love to learn more about essential oils!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  2. Birdy said:

    Thanks for sharing this post. I’ve always been interested in essential oils, but never really put it to the test. I’m definitely gonna start trying these oils out and looking forward to updates about essential oils on your blog! 🙂



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