Current Makeup Routine

When it comes to makeup, I try to keep my products as clean as possible. Tarte has been a favorite brand of mine for years, and I’ve more recently in the last 3-4 months started using Ilia products as well. Here’s a round up of my everyday favorites and how I use each. I also included the shades I like as well!

Ilia Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation – I start with this as my base. It comes with a dropper so I put a few drops across my forehead + then cheeks and blend in using this Beauty Blender. I tried using a brush for this but it soaked way into the brush and ruined it, so I’d recommend using the beauty blender for the skin tint!

Dermablend Setting Powder – next I immediately set the skin tint with this setting powder. This is a dermatalogist level makeup brand and I really love this powder – it’s lightweight but effective. Then I spray with the Tarte stay spray (linked below)

Tarte Creaseless Concealer – shade: 20N. I make a small triangle under my eye and then blend in with a beauty blender. I prefer the concealer to shape tape. It’s not as thick + good for everyday use!

Shape Tape Setting Powder – I set the creaseless concealer with this.

Amazonian Clay Matte Bronzer – after the base is done, I lightly dust my entire face with this bronzer. I usually pick foundations that are closest to my skin tone so this just gives it a little glow. I usually accentuate the top of my forehead and cheek bones the most with this!

Amazonian Clay Blush – I have used this blush since college. I absolutely love the pigments on these + have almost every shade! Captivating + risque are my most used. Apply right to where your cheek bone is.

Breezy Cream Bronzer – shade: Seychelles. I started using this cream bronzer for my contouring – I use the Breezy Cream Blender Brush it comes with and highly recommend if you’re going to grab the bronzer! This product blends SO well.

Amazonian Clay Highlighter – shade: Exposed. The perfect highlighter for everyday. It’s not too shimmery where you’ll look overdone for everyday wear, but it’s just enough to add a pretty highlight. I do right above my blush line, above my lip, and tip of my nose.

Maracujá Juicy Lip – hands down the best lip product I own. I’ve slowly collected nearly every color of these and wear them every single day. I can’t even tell you when I grabbed a different lip product! They’re the perfect gloss that’s not too sticky, but apply like a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. I LOVE these so much! Some of my favorite shades are orchid, strawberry, coconut, and clear.

Urban Decay Lip liner – shade: stark naked, naked. I’ve used these urban liners for probably 8-10 years now. The colors go so well with my skin and stark naked matches the orchid juicy lip perfectly. I like my liner to blend right into my gloss and now be obvious I’m wearing it, while still accentuating my lip line. I usually slightly overline too to give my lips a fuller look!

Eyeshadow Primer – I don’t wear eye shadow everyday, really only for special occasions.. but when I do I use this Urban Decay primer – it’s the best of all time!

In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette – this is my go to palette if I do eye shadow – pretty matte and shimmery nudes/tans/golds that blend well!

Tarte Lash Primer– I’ve used tons of different primers over the years.. this is my current favorite for the last year or so. I like how it applies and creates a little grit to your lash for applying mascara.

Ilia Lengthening Mascara – I got this mascara in one of the Sephora sales a few months back and for the last month or so have been using it nonstop. I really like the applicator blush and it is NOT clumpy at all. It’s my current favorite + you guys know I’m picking with mascaras! Sometimes I layer it with my lights,camera,lashes from Tarte too!

Anastasia Eyebrow Pencil – shade: taupe. Anastasia makes the best brow products I’ve exclusively used her products for as long as I can remember on my brows. I just lightly fill in where needed and try to keep my brows as natural as possible.

Anastasia Brow Gel – after filling in, I just set the brows with this gel!

Setting Spray – and finally have my full face is done, I spray with this stay spray from Tarte. I use this 2-3 times during my whole face process. Once after applying the skin tint and then another after my bronzer/blush etc. and then I follow it up again at the end. I usually use the Dermablend powder first then finish off with this! It holds your makeup in place so well and I definitely can tell a different in the quality of my makeup hours later if I don’t use this.


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