Comfy Loungewear to Work from Home

Working from home – something I am totally used to, but lots of you are now adjusting and finding as your new normal for the foreseeable future. Honestly, I rarely get fully ready when working from home, but I always change out of my pajamas or super lounge things into a put together, comfortable look.

Things I usually reach for include joggers, leggings, comfy sweaters, tees, cardigans, etc. It’s an easy way to get dressed but still feel comfortable while trying to get work done – whether it’s at your counter, couch, or desk!

I’ve found over the years that I work better when I am at least in some sort of put together outfit. I think it’s a mental thing more than anything – it makes me feel ready for the day. The days that I even throw on jeans and a tee are this way too. Find what works for you – what you’re comfortable in but also mentally know you aren’t “checked out” if that makes sense!

Cropped button down cardigans are a huge trend right now + they look super cute paired with joggers. I’ve also worn this one with jeans!

My go to cardigan – the famous H+M one! I have a few colors in this and they keep it stock/restocked pretty much all of the time. Throw on a cute lace tank from Abercrombie and you look put together!

And then if you want to dress up more – I’m all for jeans and a comfy tee or body suit.. throw a cardigan over if you get cold! This is casual but still dressed for the day.


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