Choconanaberry Smoothie + A New Series!

It seems like spring has finally arrived – hello gorgeous weather! And I could not be happier. It finally inched above 65 today and we had the glorious sun shining all afternoon. I took full advantage and sat out on the patio for a better part of the afternoon reading a book and relaxing. Speaking of, I’ll be doing loads of that the next few days as I nurse an aggravated lower back joint. I’m on bed rest with light walking per doctor’s orders – in other words, “we gotta baby this, Maris.” Alrighty, Doc – I’m on it! Pinterest and blog ideas, here I come!

On another note, I’m totally into smoothies. They’re my go to, no matter what the circumstance. I was craving a little something sweet the other day and decided a smoothie would do the trick (of course!) so whipped up this incredibly easy, and not to mention pink (!!), mason jar of yum. Between the sweetness of the bananas + just a tad of cocoa, this choconanaberry smoothie did the trick.

Smoothies are such an easy way to get loads of the nutrients you need packed into one drink that’s easy to sip on the go. And don’t we all need ‘on the go’ these days. Sometimes, we just don’t know exactly how to blend it all together or what ingredients/flavors compliment each other well.

So – with that sweet deliciousness, I’d like to introduce a new series on the blog: THE SMOOTHIE BAR! Think of it as your virtual “smoothie king” destination, only healthier, fresher, and DIY. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite smoothie blends and ingredients, and taking some of your questions and “mystery” ingredients and blending them up for some sweet smoothies! Weight in in the comments (weekly) on what ingredient you’re dying to know how to smooth together and yours could be the featured ingredient in the next Smoothie Bar post. My goal is that you all will become fancy-shmancy smoothers!

Pull up a stool, grab your mason jar, and get your blenders ready!

*Next week’s featured ingredient will be based on a reader suggestion or question. Leave yours below!*


  1. Jamie said:

    Love this series already!!!!! How about a yummy green one with spinach?!?

    Xx-jamie @Makeuplifelove .com

  2. Emily Gegner said:

    I’ve been having Breakfast Spinach Smoothies almost every morning for the past few weeks and they’re so good! But more ideas to spice it up would be great 🙂 Also I have been wanting to try a wheatgrass one? I’m not sure if I could easily replace the spinach with wheatgrass or if that would add a whole different flavor. That would be good to know! My current spinach go to for a morning pick me up in case your interested is:

    1 ripe banana
    Organic Orange Juice or Pineapple Juice or Both
    flax seed
    chia seed
    Plain Greek Yogurt
    And lately I’ve been adding a little bit of organic cinnamon and Agave Nectar and that has made it taste even more amazing!
    Can’t wait to hear some more 🙂

  3. Giovanna said:

    Okay, Yum! I definitely need to try this baby!


  4. Kaitlyn said:

    Looks delicious, I love trying new healthy smoothies for breakfast! Great blog!

    Would love to see your closet on bistm.com 🙂


  5. Dena said:

    that’s look incredible and so healthy. x




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