Knollwood // Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Watercolor Maxi Dress




If you’ve been reading Style Cusp for awhile, you may have noticed a few changes around here lately – subtle, but all to help make your reader experience better. I’ve been working hard on the site with my development team and we have a long list of changes coming your way. They’re slowly being rolled out one by one, but keep your eyes open for them! Most notably, my images are now bigger, I’ve streamlined the toolbar at the top of the screen, and updated the about page and images.

The images from this shoot are in my top 5 favorites ever. Anything I shoot near the water holds a special place in my heart, but there’s something about these that has me smitten. The lighting was perfect, it was an absolutely beautiful night, and the colors in this printed watercolor dress fit seamlessly in with the shoreline. I had no intention of shooting new website images that night, but last minute asked my sister if we could get some headshots in and I’m so glad.

I’ve always wanted my site headshots to really reflect me – and these 100% do. With the ocean in the background, tan on my skin, smile on my face, sunkissed blonde locks, and a gorgeous dress while walking in the sand.. it doesn’t get more me. I’m a mermaid at heart, and being by the sea makes me feel alive and invigorated in ways no other place can. Maybe it’s because I grew up spending summers by the ocean, or because my mom has a sweet love for it too. Either way, I know it’s my favorite place.

As we transition into the next month (how is it already August?!), I just wanted to warn you – you guys are in for a ride. I am too, and definitely am a little daunted by my schedule in the coming weeks.. but I know I can handle it! Having these last 4 weeks at the beachhouse has been such a good recharge for me. I’ve spent every day on the beach & soaked up every sunset.. and Lord knows I needed a good recharge. I’m excited to share in my adventures with you all – first up, we’re headed to Maine for our family’s annual vacation up there! I’ll see you there Monday 🙂 Have a happy weekend! xx


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  1. Natali said:

    Heh, then we’re the same in this case! I’m a mermaid in heart, any maxi and sheer dress like this one that you’re wearing, my hair let loose, bare feet and sea – all I am and all I need to be happy. 😀
    You look breathtaking dear!



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