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If you follow me on snapchat + instagram, then you may remember back in the fall I did a shoot with Matrix and teased a few parts of the day on social. We’re getting ready for the campaign to officially launch so I’m sharing a few of my favorite products from the shoot + a little about the day!

Being on set for a styled campaign is an experience like no other. Each of us models had several hair stylists assigned to each of us, a wardrobe team, makeup + nails, and a whole slew of other people there for photography and crew. It might sound glamorous, but trust me when I say these are long days on set + everyone is working together to make magic happen. I had such a blast with the Matrix team! They made the day such a breeze and took such good care of the entire crew there.



We worked on four different hair looks that day, all styled with their new Matrix Style Link product line. My favorite part about the products? They’re simple and easy to use at home – because let’s be honest, we all head to our stylist or colorist and leave wondering how we will ever recreate the look at home. After spending two days with the Matrix team + seeing them use the products they flipped the cards and told me it was my turn.. Obviously I took the challenge and incorporated the products into my daily routine. Most of you know I’m pretty conservative when it comes to using products in my hair since I like to keep things natural and fresh looking. The best part about these Style Link products is that they’re lightweight and don’t leave your hair feeling cakey, goopy, or greasy.



Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • Air Dry Wild Boho – It’s no secret that I always air dry my hair. I could count on one hand the amount of times per year that I actually use a hairdryer on my head – seriously! My hair is naturally thick and wavy so it dries with a great, workable texture. In the colder months though, it tends to be on the flatter side (flat to me that is, ha!) and I love using a little pea sized amount of the wild boho cream on my ends to keep things looking fresh and bouncy, or to help hold my natural wave.


  • Mineral Airy Builder – This product is great for adding a little bit of texture to 2 or 3 day old hair that can sometimes fall limp. I like a lot of body at my roots so usually work in a few sprays of dry shampoo paired with the airy builder. 


  • Mineral Rough Me Up – This is hands down my favorite product. I use it with nearly every single hair style that I do! Whether I let my hair airdry and go au natural waves or take a curling iron to it, I always spritz in a bit of this salt spray. This Style Link product gives that coveted beachy vibe all year long & I never walk out the door without it! 


  • Style Fixer Finishing Hairspray – I am not a hairspray fanatic, so a few sprays for me and I’m good to go. I remember being a little girl and watching my mom spray hairspray for what seemed like 10 minutes straight and I could barely breath in the bathroom, ha! The Style Fixer hairspray is a level 5 product, meaning a few sprays and it WORKS. #yesplease. I rough up my roots and give them a little spray and usually hit the back of my head, and the pieces around my face. 


To see the finished looks from our shoot, head to matrix.com — and I’d love to hear what you guys think! The team did some pretty unique styles with my blonde locks and it was so fun seeing them create pro styles on my normally wavy head of hair. 

Today’s post was created in partnership with Matrix.

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  1. Jessica said:

    These blond waves are so beautiful! Love the relaxed look of your hair. This white drop-shoulder knitted sweater ideally matches ripped skinnies.




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