5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy


As the seasons change, so do our routines. Usually in the more extreme seasons, like winter and summer, we amp things up and take extra special care of our hair and skin. If you’re anything like me in the summer, you spend as much time as possible outside, near a pool, or on the beach. And while all of those are tons of fun and beneficial for our bodies, they can take a toll on our young skin and long locks if we’re not careful!

Over the years, I’ve learned how my hair reacts to too much sun, chlorine, or salt water and have taken steps to help prevent dryness, breakage, or dullness rather than waiting until my hair is at its wits end. Since I always get so many questions about my hair, I figured I’d share some of my hair tips that keep my hair hydrated, strong, and shiny all summer long.



1. Wear a hat // I bet you thought wearing a hat was just for protecting your skin. Well guess what – it protects your scalp too! From getting burnt or too dried out. Did you know the sun’s UV rays can damage your hair pigment and proteins, as much as they damage your skin? With so many cute hats out now, you have no excuse!


2. Wash // Chlorine and salt water both do a number on your hair, especially if you’re a blondie like me. Just one or two dips in the pool can turn your blonde locks green if you’re not careful to wash soon after. Rule of thumb: if you’ve been in chlorine that day, wash before you go to sleep! Don’t let the chemicals sit in your hair overnight. Salt water luckily isn’t as bad, but still needs to get washed out.


3. Color Care // Whether you color or highlight, you need to care for your color, especially during the summer months.  The sun does as much damage to our hair as our skin, and strips or dulls the color we’ve paid hundreds of dollars for to get our hair looking fabulous. Take care of your color! I’ve already started to use Pantene’s Expert Intense Colorcare Shampoo/Conditioner combo because it cleanses the hair and removes any impurities that contribute to dull hair, keeping it vibrant and shiny.


4. Prevent Breakage // Summer is synonymous with ponytails and top knots. Which means hair elastics, which means breakage and knots. Trust me, I know! This girl over here has long, thick hair – and the last thing I want is my mane on my neck all day sometimes. So up it goes! I found that using elastics without the metal clasp on them helps prevent breakage and knots – or the hair ties made popular by Emi-Jay are my go to! They don’t leave creases in your hair, and I’ve never once gotten them stuck in my locks.


5. Repair // No matter what preventative measures you take, you’ll still find yourself having to repair your hair – even if it’s just from being dried out in the sun. Pantene’s Expert hair collection has an Intense Repair Shampoo/Conditioner combo that works to instantly rejuvenate and revitalize your damaged hair. If you’re the type to be ahead of the game, I’d suggest using this at least once a week in the summer when you’re spending significant amounts of time outside or in the water!


The best part of all of these tips is that they’re easy and affordable. Purchasing a hat, some new hair elastics, or the Pantene Expert products will save you hundreds compared to the formulas and oil treatments so many salons offer. By taking these steps to prevent and combat sun and water damage to your hair, you’ll keep your locks strong, long, healthy, and shiny all summer long!


  1. Natali said:

    Such an adorable denim off the shoulder top! You’re looking so pretty and your hair is majestic!


  2. 6.20.16

    Your hair looks great!! XO


  3. 6.27.16

    I really appreciate all of your helpful tips. I tend to stress out about my hair in the summer, I just want to make sure that I am taking great care of it. However, I have naturally blond hair, and I like to let the sun shine on it in order to keep my roots light. This way I don’t have to dye it, but do you think that it is still better to cover it up?

    • 6.30.16

      Hi Brooke! I have naturally blonde hair as well, and do let the sun hit it to bring out my natural highlights. I also wear hats sometimes though to just keep my hair healthy. If you are in the sun alot, I would just use a blonde shampoo/conditioner combo or a leave in treatment that combats any brassiness so it doesn’t get orangey! Hope that helps.

  4. Heather said:

    I didn’t realize until recently how bad hair ties can be for your hair! I only put it up when absolutely necessary, even when it’s the one without metal clasps, and I’ve noticed a difference in the amount of breakage. Thanks for these tips!



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