Keeping Your Teeth White



Today’s post was sponsored by Colgate Optic White.

As you all are completely aware, my travel schedule has been quite packed the last few months. I find myself packing, unpacking, and repacking every week with hardly a few days in between each trip to really settle in at home. Traveling so much also forces me to condense my regular routines – because of course I can’t pack every single item with me each time I hop on a plane! I’ve especially tried to prioritize my beauty items when traveling because every little bottle, compact, or tube of makeup and products really does get heavy. (Confession: my makeup & toiletry bag is usually a few pounds!)

I’m going to go ahead and assume that most of you ladies probably have the same problem when traveling. You don’t know what to pack or leave behind. Prioritizing is key – ask yourself which items are really essential to keeping your overall beauty and health in tact while you’re away – whether it’s for a weekend getaway, week long vacation, or a hiatus in Europe.

For me, I prioritize things that are front and center – aka my smile. Being a blogger, I’m constantly snapping photos and goodness knows the last thing I need is yellowy teeth, which is where my Colgate Optic White Toothbrush and Whitening pen comes in. It snaps right into the bottom of my toothbrush (hello, easy packing!), making it easy to transport with me anywhere in the world. Traveling to different countries and being exposed to different foods, spices, and what not, I never know how my teeth will respond. With a quick brush and whiten at night, I’m sure that my smile will stay white no matter where I am!

I was first introduced to the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush and Whitening Pen a few years ago at a blogger event in a goodie bag – since then I’ve ditched other whitening products, and opted for the ease of this pen. It starts working within one day, and there’s no half hour waiting period not being able to talk.. if you know what I mean! The fact that it snaps into the bottom of the toothbrush not only makes for easy packing, but I also don’t forget to use it! Seriously, genius Colgate!



  1. Anna White said:

    Always looking for new ways to whiten my teeth.. especially since red wine is my BFF. Thanks for sharing! Xo –

    Anna | http://www.parkavenueblogger.com

  2. 11.10.16

    I’m going to need this!!!



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