BEAUTY // Hydrated Hair



My hair typically holds quite a bit of moisture – so much so that I usually only have to wash it a few times a week. When I do wash it, I use a moisture based shampoo to keep my strands hydrated and healthy looking. My hair has taken quite the beating the last few months with all the traveling I’ve done, exposure to different waters, chlorine from pools, you name it. It started to feel very dry and coarse, which is so unlike my hair! To keep my hair healthy, strong, and full of moisture I started using the Pantene Moisture Renew Shampoo and Conditioner and almost instantly saw a difference. My hair felt smooth and silky again – instead of dried out from the sun and so many different exposures. My secret to silky, smooth hair? I shampoo and condition my hair right when I get into the shower, but instead of rinsing the conditioner out right away, I keep it in my hair until I’ve finished scrubbing my body, shaving my legs, washing my face, etc. This allows the moisture conditioner to really soak into your hair and do it’s actual job of conditioning. I started doing this years ago and it has helped preserve my hair so much. If your hair is really dry, I suggest taking a small bit of the Pantene Moisture Renew conditioner once you’ve gotten out of the shower and applying it to your wet ends, allowing it to dry. This will have the same effect!

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