A Lucky Morning {NYFW}

A few weeks ago, I received an invite to my inbox that I absolutely squealed upon opening! {see below} You can just imagine my excitement as I sat here in my little apartment. I had the pleasure (and honor) of being invited to the Lucky offices for a champagne breakfast along with the rest of my Style Collective gals!

So, Friday morning I up and readied myself bright and early and headed off to the Conde Nast building. We met with Brandon, Caroline, John, and numerous other Lucky editors! It was so wonderful to meet each of the ladies in the Collective since we are working together with and for the magazine. Lucky is so open and receptive to bloggers and our ideas, and I think I realized this more at this breakfast meeting more than ever before. Stay tuned for exciting {new} things to come as we grow and develop the Collective!

Yummy scone + muffin.

It was such a surreal feeling to just walk into the Conde Nast building, and then to travel up the elevator and step out to the huge double glass doors and famous “Lucky” along the massive red wall. I have to admit, it’s always been a dream of mine to walk into a magazine office {especially Lucky}, and the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to walk into two different ones. The team at Lucky is so real – Brandon is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met, and she truly shows an interest in each of us, what we’re about, and things we want to do. Caroline works endlessly on putting together FABB, and has such a bubbly spirit and heart for bloggers! And then, of course, I cannot forget John Jannuzzi – the witty, spunky writer behind Textbook {this is a must read} and our Collective editor. He is just plain awesome – ‘net high five, or better yet hug over to you, John! Thanks for all of your hard work and the time you put in to developing everything for us.

Taken with Retrocam via my Droid*
Taylor, Alicia, Jen, Teekuh, Andrea, and me

I enjoy reading so many of the Collective blogs on a daily basis, some of my favorites being Taylor and Alicia’s. I met Alicia at Lucky FABB, and then Taylor here at the Lucky breakfast – such sweet girls + exactly how I pictured them! Jen was a total doll, gushing about how she just couldn’t believe her little baby is now turning one; how a year just flies! Andrea is a boatload of fun, and I spent some time with her more than once this fashion week (heart you, girl!). I didn’t get to chat with Teekuh much, but she is so beautiful + has an excellent blog that is a definite must read.

You’d think that at a blogger breakfast we’d snap more photos, but we were all so awe-struck to be sitting at Lucky that we forgot {but seriously}. I just had to soak it all in in real life and not worry about seeing it through my tiny camera lense. After the breakfast we did snap some photos in front of the Lucky sign + of the Conde Nast publishing office that mirrors it on the other side of the building.

It’s Friday, so I’m keeping this short + sweet. I had loads more excitement following the Lucky breakfast, but will wait to share that with you all on Monday! Stay tuned for more NYFW posts – I’ve got a whole lineup coming your way next week 🙂 For now, you can skip back to this weeks posts in case you missed them:

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Enjoy your weekend, lovelies.



  1. Kimberly said:

    Love the outfit you chose for the breakfast, especially the skirt! 🙂

  2. Sherry said:

    Wow!! What an amazing week!! Looks like so much fun and I loved all the outfits – the purple top was to die for and I’m loving the red and white with gold! Hope you have a great wkend!!


  3. Laura said:

    cute outfit! very professional chic. Sounds like it was a wonderful opportunity to explore a major hub in the industry, as well as mingle with fellow bloggers. I definitely need to check out more info on this style collective. It sounds awesome!

  4. Caitlin said:

    love this recap of your morning at Conde!! XO

  5. 9.19.11

    Congrats to you! I don’t blame you for being so excited!




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