A Holiday Reminder: Guest Blogger!

I hope you all are surviving the holiday craziness, from shopping at the swarming malls to decorating your halls & baking away. I have asked Laura Marie of A Diary of Little Things and Curiosities to write up a guest post for me to start off this last week before Holiday Week! Laura Marie has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers. She is such an inspiring young lady, from her Today I Believe  series to my most recent favorite post, Because People Change. Here, she gives us a little dose of inspiration that some of us just might need during these busy weeks ending the year. Enjoy!

In this season of giving, we can sometimes forget to give back to ourselves.

The first priority during the holidays is, of course, to give to others–to our loved ones, to friends and family, to people in need. And we take on the task with gusto: we spend hours poring over gift guides, writing and sharing and receiving gift lists. There’s the sibling who tells us exactly what they want, the friend you don’t even need to ask because you already know what they love, and the cousin that leaves you absolutely clueless, racking your brain for any sort of present they might appreciate. 

And it’s fun, of course, this gift-giving. But it can also be exhausting. It can be tough.  It can be weighty, all this pressure we put on ourselves to find just what our best friend wants, the perfect gift for our parents, the right pick for our relatives. And under all this weight–of to-do lists, must-haves, and can’t-live-withouts–we can lose track of ourselves. We can lose track of what we really cherish about the season: the toasty fireside reading, hot chocolate in hand… the holiday music and the gaudy decorations… the ice skating and the gingerbread house-making and–of course–the softest, warmest, coziest of clothes.

Which is why I put myself on my To Buy For list. Each year, I budget for my own gift, for my own must-have. It can be simple–last year’s gift to myself was a handful of books I’d been meaning to read–or it can be a bit more elaborate. This year, I bought myself a New Years outfit–this J.Crew skirt–because it’s festive and, well, why not, right?

All of this is to say that I believe in giving to ourselves because otherwise, the holidays can be more stressful than jolly–more headache than heartwarming. And because in the season of celebrating love, we really shouldn’t neglect the most important love of all: self-love.

(Photo: Lizet Beek)


  1. Emily Joy said:

    Such a good reminder! 🙂 I’ll have to check out her blog.

  2. Laura Marie said:

    Thanks again for having me! 🙂
    xo Laura Marie

  3. 12.14.10

    This is really really sweet! I do find that it’s quite easy to get put everyone and everything ahead of ourselves during the holidays. And then there’s nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed.
    And the idea of treating yourself to something special is great. . . will definitely be doing this one 🙂

    hearts and hugs,

  4. 12.14.10

    how sweet is this. :]


  5. Hello, Mint! said:

    These are some great thoughts! We love her idea of putting herself on the “to buy for” list!

    Thanks for visiting our blog.. we’re so happy to have found yours! It’s wonderful 🙂 We’ll be following for sure. Hope you do the same!!




  6. 12.15.10

    SO Cute! Thanks for passing by & Commenting::
    What took me so LONG to add TUMBLR! I LOVE IT such an Obession. Love the Inspirational flows of photos from great bloggers 😀 You should check it out. You’ll Love It so simple to post a photo without having to say much.
    If so, follow me TUMBLR fashionsnotaluxury.tumblr.com x Ari

  7. Influence said:

    Aww what a lovely guest blogger, will check out her blog. Such a nice post xx

  8. kirstyb said:

    lovely post will check itt out x

  9. Amy said:

    This is so very true. Giving back to myself sounds great and definitely needed. Love the guest blogger darling.



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