A Glitter Girl

I’m quite the over achiever, posting two times in one day! 

Glitter Guide, a girl’s ultimate one stop blogazine for all things fabulous, launched yesterday!! Cue confetti, a spritz of champagne, bright colors & patterns, and nothing but infectious, glittery smiles. My tweetdeck timeline has been in a total frenzy over their launch, congratulating the lovely Taylor and the rest of her team on all of their (appreciated) hard work these last months. If you haven’t already checked out the site, you absolutely must!

Near the end of my internship with Foley + Corinna, we were busy cooking up a project with the ladies of Glitter Guide. Today, it launched! We teamed up with ShopStyle & Glitter Guide to give away one of our fabulous handbags. And the winner is hand picked by Taylor herself! Since I am no longer an active intern with F+C (sadness) I am able to enter the contest (happiness). It’s quite simple:

1. Visit the Glitter Guide’s page announcing the collaboration.
2. Follow the steps they outline.

I’ve created two looks for the contest and thought I would share them here. Both include two of my favorite bags we launched at F+C earlier in April. The other favorite is no longer available, sighh. I was quite crushed to find this out. Which look do you like the best?

Ultimate Glitter Girl Outfit!
Kate Spade, Kate Spade, Kate Spade, Kate Spade
The glitter girl loves a glittery piece with a splash of color or personality – like these Kate Spade bangles or the F+C Lady Mini…

Glitter Girl
Mark Davis, Kate Spade, Naughty Monkey, Yves Saint Laurent
Nothing like a bright number from Topshop to make a day sparkle, especially when paired with a F+C signature city tote and a…

If you style a look, let me know! I would love to check out the competition. 😉 Don’t forget to sign up for the Glitter Guide newsletter while you’re visiting their site to keep up with all the latest glittery happenings. The site is updated daily, with loads of bright inspiration.



  1. 6.15.11

    Omg. May have to enter this contest. Though it wouldn’t seem fair if I won, since I already got some free stuff from F+C…

    But who cares. I’m entering anyway. :p

  2. Carrie said:

    I am a bit obssessed with glitters! Loving both of those outfits!


  3. Alicia said:

    Yay! Thanks for posting xx

  4. 6.16.11

    Hi Marissa! I absolutely love both looks but I’m a sucker for a sparkly dress 🙂 and I love their new site it makes me happy just looking at it…I will definitely enter this contest


  5. 6.16.11

    These are both very cool outfits. I follow the Glitter Guide on twitter but I haven’t explored them yet – must do!




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