5 Ways to Keep Your Vanity Stylish


Living in an apartment, I don’t have much room for a vanity separate from my dresser top. I almost prefer this though, because I think vanities can tend to get pretty cluttered if not maintained. Having my dresser top as my vanity makes me keep everything neat and in order. I do my makeup in my bathroom (where everything is organized in a GlamBox) and then head over to my dresser to accessorize and spritz on some perfume. Today I’m sharing five ways to keep your vanity stylish – all with items I have atop my vanity area!


  1. Jewelry – we all have an over-abundance of jewelry that somehow gets cluttered in piles. Solve this issue by buying these cute little bowls from Anthropologie and sorting your items in them – one for rings, one for studs, one for bracelets, etc. I put my little bowls on a decorative tray (tons of colored trays here) and in a flash, your jewelry looks neat and tidy.
  2. Perfume – I display all my perfumes on a little mirrored tray. This way, I can easily see them and reach for the one I need without fumbling through a drawer or knocking them over on a shelf. The most recent addition to my perfume tray is Capri Vince Camuto. I’m really picky when it comes to scents, and Capri Vince Camuto hits it just perfectly for me. It’s a mix of citrus, peach blossom, and vanilla which when paired together create such a cooling, calm scent. I love that the bottle has a blueish hue too- something different than your typical yellow or pink in perfumes!
  3. Candles – I always have at least one candle on my vanity. Usually I’ll leave the cover off to let a little bit of the scent permeate through my room!
  4. Jewelry Box – I keep most of my most worn jewelry out in the little bowls as I mentioned before, but more expensive or delicate pieces I house in a chic jewelry box. Pick a jewelry box that goes with your overall theme, and you will want to display it! I got mine at Target a year or two ago, but found a few more pretty ones you could use below.
  5. Decor – Don’t go too crazy on the decor, you don’t want your vanity area to look cluttered! I kept my decor simple with just a stylish lamp and spikey urchin I picked up from Marshalls. Both pieces work easily into the overall decor of both my room and vanity. I wanted my dresser vanity to look a little glamorous (because that’s really what vanities are.. right?) but still work with my overall style.

Overall, your vanity area should be a pretty, clean spot in your room. Be picky with the pieces you choose to display – keeping them in line with your style and what you love. My vanity is one of my favorite spots in my room – it’s fresh, clean, and calm – just like the new Capri Vince Camuto scent!

What do you all have on your vanity?


Today’s post was created in partnership with Vince Camuto.


  1. 4.27.16

    I am loving your knobs! SO cute!! XO


  2. SIR N MAAM said:

    Hey! Nice Post. The jewelry is beautiful.

  3. Ashleigh said:

    Where is your art on the wall from?



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