5 Things to Do at Home

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The last month has sure been a different time for us, but I’ve done my best to keep a positive outlook and mindset amidst so many unknowns! My days haven’t really changed much – I’m used to working from home and still do that daily.. but not being able to get out, a break from the routine, definitely makes it more difficult! I work better in the afternoons/evenings, and usually in smaller spurts. I can’t really sit for 7 hours straight and bang out tons of work.. so there definitely has been adjusting even if ‘work from home’ is my normal!

While that has sort of stayed the same, I’ve taken full advantage of the time at home and wanted to share a few things I’ve been keeping busy with you all.. hopefully this gives you some ideas or things to do too!

  1. Make those recipes you’ve saved for so long – remember those pinterest binges you’d do and go oooomg that looks so good!? Well, pull them up and get to cookin’! The kitchen is my happy place and I’ve had sooo much fun making/trying some of the things I’ve saved for years. I’ve tried about 10 new recipes and am looking forward to keeping them in my normal rotation of cooking once life is back to more normal routines!
  2. Read – I think reading is soo underrated, but as of late has been making a come back with so many virtual book clubs and things popping up! I love reading non-fiction self help/wellness type books etc but also love a good mystery/thrilled. A few recent favorites are My Lovely Wife, The Woman in the Window, and The Millionaire’s Wife. I recently started The Wives!
  3. Home Workout – this sound SO cliche right now.. but seriously, a quick workout to get yourself moving and the blood flowing is SO helpful right now. The first few week of quarantine I sat around and didn’t get moving and really felt it. I made a personal goal the last two weeks to close all the rings on my Apple Watch with at least 30 minutes of activity per day and it has made such a wonderful difference in my attitude/mindset, daily energy, and even sleep.. all of which I feel we are all more hyper aware of right now!
  4. Do that project. Redo the room, paint the hallway, order the art, organize the closet… honestly, what better time than now! The other day I took a few hours in the afternoon and did some deep cleaning of all the baseboards and molding in my downstairs, staircase, and cabinets. I couldn’t believe how dirty they were + how that little difference made things seem so much brighter! When you’re in the same space for an extended period of time, it’s important to keep it fresh.
  5. Coloring Book or Journaling. Can we talk about how much of a stress relief both of these are? Remember the adult coloring book trend?.. order one and get back at it! Instead of flipping on a show, spend a half hour doing thing – seriously so therapeutic! I also love journaling because it’s a way to dump all my thoughts down, and not need to unload on anyone in particular but have a safe space to just empty my thoughts!

And I guess you could say this is a bonus.. but get dressed! Getting dressed really does impact your mindset and make you feel better about your day. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing my oversized comfy sweats and joggers with tees, but I also have needed to put on ‘real’ clothes some days. My outfits of choice have been bodysuits + cardigans with either jeans/joggers/leggings of some kind. It’s still comfy but feel more put together than a look thats about one step up from pajamas!

I ordered this crochet sweater a few weeks back from the Scoop collection at Walmart and was excited to wear it as we transition into spring – it’s perfect to wear right now at home with a look just like this! Lots of other cute sweaters to wear with loungewear at Walmart right now too – like this dolman sleeve kimono one.


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    I have been taking advantage of the extra time to try some new recipes!


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