2021 Gift Ideas

2021 gift ideas. christmas gifts christmas tree

After polling you guys a ton – the consensus is you like specific featured things for gifts rather than impersonal guides with a ton of items. SO – here ya go! I’ve featured all of these items on my instagram stories, but I’m keeping a running blog post open with the ideas for easy reference too!

My nespresso is one of my favorite purchases of 2021 – it’s worth the hype and makes such delicious coffee! Currently on sale for $124 (you guys sold it out!) and there’s another model on sale for $179! Such a good gift idea for anyone in your life – upgrade their morning cup!

I just got my first BF blanket thanks to Lexus and let me tell you.. it’s worth the hype – it’s so soft and cozy, not fuzzy or linty and feels like an actual cloud. Blankets are a sure way to nail any gift – The $59 price point is perfect for a gift exchange or secret Santa (no one has to know it’s a few bucks over that $50 limit…) there’s a TON of color options!

This conair defuzzer is actualy magic – it removes any fuzzies or pilling from sweaters to pants and bedspreads to couches. I don’t think many house gadgets are useful but this one 1000% is! Would be a great gift for those group/secret santa exchanges!

One of my favorite jewelry brands to wear – Katie Dean! I’ve worn her pieces for over 5 years, and they LAST. A few of the dainty rings I wear daily are from KD too. I love this initial necklace layered with other pieces – makes a great gift, or gift to one of your friends with her child/children’s intials on it!


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