Weekend Comfort Food

It’s hard to believe the huge snow storm we had is almost two weekends gone – it seems like it was yesterday since we still have so much snow! The weather birdies mentioned we may get some more this weekend… ohhh boo. I’m so ready for sunshine + warmth – thankfully I’m jetting to California next week for a blissful 10 days (more on that to come!)
Last week I shared my delicious (and so easy) tomato basil soup that I made during our Blizzard Nemo 2013 experience. This was another meal my girlfriend Katie and I indulged in that weekend while cooped up – and indulged is an understatement. We nearly inhaled these sweet fries + the turkey burgers were bursting with flavor and juices. I promise this is another easy recipe you won’t want to pass up making. It’s perfect for a busy weekend night or even if you’ve been stuck in the house all day thanks to three feet of blizzardy snow like we were. It’s total comfort food, but the kind that doesn’t make you feel like a greasy blob afterwards. What? Yes, you heard right. It’s comfort food that tastes good and feels good — I think we’ve got a winning combo right there!
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Instead of heading out for a calorie-grease laden plate of insta-food, take a trip to your local grocer and stock up on a few fresh ingredients to make your ultimate comfort food for yourself this weekend! 
It’ll totally hit the spot, trust me


  1. 2.22.13

    Love sweet potato fries. So easy to make and healthy too.

  2. 2.23.13

    That looks so delicious!

    Christine In Color

  3. Alison said:

    Mouth = watering! I think I just figured out what I’m making for dinner tonight 😉

    XO, Alison

  4. Lloyd & Wolf said:

    This post is seriously making me hungry. Looks delish!

  5. 2.26.13

    This makes me hungry! Love sweet potatoes!

    Rachel Ashley

  6. Melissa said:

    ooh this looks lush! will definitely have to give it a go!



  7. 3.26.13

    My husband and I have been doing the Whole30 and we are always looking for new recipes. I found your Turkey Burger and Sweet Potato Fries and love them. They are the perfect meal to make to stick to our Whole30, yet also have people over for dinner and not feel like we are making them eat according to our diet. Yummo!



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