Transition Polishes

In no way am I ready for summer to be over, but am slowly accepting the fact that fall will inevitably come. At least it’s starting with New York Fashion Week, which I’ve gladly already started gearing up for. This week I’ve managed to  solidify my accommodations, start planning my wardrobe, and finalize my schedule for events/shows. But more details on NYFW to come..

It’s no secret that I am a total nail polish fiend. Between my constant chatter on twitter about my nail parties with girlfriends, nail polish purchases, and self manicures to my various posts (including this one) about nail polish, I would think you’d all be sick of it by now. But, like I’ve stated before, I truly believe that so much is said of an individual by their nails. Unkempt nails irk me in the most irritating way. But anyway. Enough of my nail chatter.

I’ve picked out some of my favorite polishes for transitioning into fall. Though I haven’t personally worn any of these yet, I will be adding some of them to my nail collection within the next few weeks. I have to admit that it will be hard to peal myself away from my bright summer shades of yellow, coral, blue, and mint green. But all good things must come to an end, until the next season that is.

Nudes are so easily transitioned, into any season. They really are a staple color. But for those early fall days that still show glimpses of summer, they’re perfectly suitable to match your day time outfit and not even cause a bump in the added layers of night time chill.

Reds are another staple color, specifically the true red. For those brisk early fall days, I love the reds with pink berry undertones, specially suited for those who just can’t quite give summer up yet. (Me.) Red also adds a classy punch to any outfit, and a spruce of fitting color.

Deborah Lippman Naked, $16
Essie Like Linen, $8

Butter Hoorah Henri, $14
Sephora by OPI Going Nude, $9.50 Deborah Lippman My Old Flame, $16
Essie Fruit Sangria, $8
Butter Blowing Raspberries, $14
Sephora by OPI And A Cherry On Top, $9.50 


  1. Kate said:

    Ooh, I am loving these deep berry shades! I was JUST thinking yesterday that I wanted to break out some of my darker colors… my nails have been orange, hot pink or tomato red all summer long, and now I’m kind of craving something darker! And so exciting that you are going to NYFW!! Cannot wait to see your posts about it!

  2. 8.10.11

    I have been rocking bright colors all summer but once fall rolls around it is either nude or my fave OPI ‘Linkin Park After Dark’. Loving the nudes your chose! xo

  3. 8.10.11

    Great post and suggestions! Since my fave season is autumn, I’m already transitioning with a deep brick red by OPI I got the other day (forgot the name). And of course, as Nicole (FHF) noted above, Lincoln Park After Dark is year-round go-to for me, not just fall!


    Can’t wait to see you in NY, and congrats again on your Lucky gig. That is sooooo fantastic!

  4. Casee Marie said:

    Loving these! You’ve got such a great eye for tones, espesh in the nudes – that Butter (and it looks like buttah) is to die for!

  5. cryskay said:

    i love both nude and red tones – all year round even! xx

  6. 8.13.11

    I have just recently fallen in love with nude nail polishes! They are so elegant and chic && like you said are a perfect transition color, it goes with everything && every season!


  7. 8.14.11

    I never want to put my mint green away 🙁

    Love nudes and greys though!

  8. 8.14.11

    i’m only just really starting to appreciate how amazing nail varnish is! i love Essie Fruit Sangria & i’m intrigued to see the transition that nail art will go through too x

  9. Ashley said:

    The Butter shade you picked is perfection! I need to pick that up…

  10. 8.17.11

    I’m obsessed with Butter polishes! Although the two I have are pretty crazy haha but anyways, your picks are fabulous and perfect for the upcoming fall season. And just think how amazing the raspberry reds would look paired with a dark grey peacoat and lots of scarves… love:)


  11. 8.20.11

    The Cranberry red looks gorgeous with nudes! I’d mix them up and do my nails in the Beige hue and toe nails in a bright red. Or a classy red manicure with a creamy sweater, very Audry Hepburn:))))




  12. 8.24.11

    Nice picks! I wear red year round, but I love going a little bit darker and richer for fall. Love all the neutrals too. 🙂

  13. Laura said:

    Great choices-I’m on the lookout for some nice nude tones at the moment-thanks for the inspiration!

    Laura xx


  14. Ally said:

    I currently have a nude nailpolish addition and I totally agree, they area staple! And still work perfectly with early Fall outfits. xoxo


  15. 9.7.11

    Loving those nudes!


  16. 10.19.14

    I’m partial to nudes because it makes you look “polished” without being overdone. The opposite works for your clothing. Neutral clothing and a bright nail color go together wonderfully 🙂

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