Take Me There.

Do you ever look at a picture and just wish you could hit that easy button to take you there? Gosh, I do it all the time. Today I just couldn’t help but gaze at some of these pictures of gorgeous bathrooms that scream nothing but relaxation. I’d love to spend a few hours soaking in a hot tub reading a book by candle light in any of these, wouldn’t you?

An Italian design company made this bathroom with the bathtub, 
shower, and sink entirely of limestone.
The caption under this photo says “The bathroom should be a relaxing and peaceful room”
Look at the water windows that give off a beach feel, as well
as the sandy colored granite flooring. I want this!
Elegant tiki hut.
The first description that comes to mind.
So modern, yet so serene. And it overlooks the water. Beautiful.
Picture this as part of your winter log cabin vacation home.
Snow falling outside those windows, while you are soaking in a hot jacuzzi tub.
 Is this even plausible? 
This brings the idea of an island oasis straight into your bathroom.
Like the caption on one of the photos said, the bathroom should be relaxing and peaceful. 
Thought my bathroom doesn’t resemble any of these in the slightest bit, for now I’ll be content with my own shower and close my eyes with the thoughts of take me there…
XXXO, readers.
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