Super Green Salad

A typical lunch for me is some kind of huge salad, usually with whatever veggies and the occasional fruit that I have on hand in my fridge. This week, I’ve been stuck on the kale-strawberry-cilantro combo and decided to mix together a simple, quick but delicious Super Green Salad! The crunch of the leafy greens with the sweetness of the strawberry, and fresh taste of cilantro is the perfect, mouth watering combo.

Let’s talk about kale for a minute — 

Kale is such a “trend” right now – but let’s just say I hope it’s one that sticks around for awhile. And whether it does or doesn’t, I can assure you I’ll be eating it anyway. Why you ask? Because it’s a huge support for our body’s detox system and also offers antioxidant + anti-inflammatory benefits. Want more? Just one cup of kale gives you your daily intake of Vitamins K, A, and C — and ding, ding! Vitamin A is essential for a flawless complexion. Oh and did I mention kale plays a huge role in lowering risk for some cancers? Yes, it does. If you aren’t sold yet, then guess what – there’s more. You can eat it in endless ways – salads, eggs, smoothies, fajitas.. Bottom line, make kale a part of your diet, someway, somehow. I eat at least one serving a day, and know my days are brighter because of it! πŸ™‚

Trader Joe’s sells organic kale, prewashed and chopped – really convenient for those of you who don’t have loads of time on your hands like I do. I usually rinse it off a bit myself before making my salad. Experiment with toppings and see what combinations you love. I happen to love strawberries in my salads – a touch of sweetness + another super antioxidant food! I’m also on a total cilantro kick and have been putting it on and in nearly everything.

For dressings, I stick to simple things – balsamic + EVOO, lemon juice + EVOO.. you get the pattern. It’s a very rare occasion I’ll dump some unknown bottled mixture into my leafy bowl of YUM! I can never understand why people make themselves a healthy, delicious salad, but then load on the ranch – big no no!

What’s your lunch go to? Are you a kale eater, too? Weight in in the comments. 
 // Pinnable/Printable recipe card below!


  1. Jamie said:

    Looks so yummy!!! Gotta love those Super Greens.

    Xo- Jamie
    Makeuplifelove .com

  2. thetangylife said:

    This looks so delish!! I have yet to try kale, but I most definitely want to try it out with this recipe! Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜€

    <3 Kelly

  3. 3.26.13

    This salad looks so yummy.

  4. 3.26.13

    So yum!!!!!!

  5. That looks so fresh and delish!

  6. I’ve been bringing salads for lunch every day and I’ll have to give this combo a go! Confession… I hate kale. I want to like it so badly, but I just prefer spinach as the base of my salad. I typically make a smoothie of sorts for dinner and pack in an extra 2 cups of spinach… Going to start trying to “sneak” kale in, instead of the spinach to get the nutrients!

  7. You’re right about Kale trending right now, even Albertsons is carrying organic per packed kale salads with dressing! I will try your salad combo for lunch Wed.


  8. 3.27.13

    Seems delicious and healthy !
    I like your blog a lot so im following on FB πŸ™‚


    Coline ♡

  9. 3.27.13

    I love making big healthy salads like this for lunch! It’s so refreshing and recharging!

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